Liberals: Trump is actively destroying the country.


I guess it depends on what you mean by destroy.

Over at Twitchy, I noticed how liberals are quick to react that President Trump is destroying the country after Rob Lowe made a post on the appeal of Roseanne to those who watch the show.

The ratings of the show were pretty strong, better than the American Idol reboot on the same network in its debut.  Part of that appeal is most likely related to Roseanne Barr’s outspoken support of President Trump.

And in the season opener, the character Roseanne voted for Trump which has caused stress in the family that is already fraught with problems.

The irony in all this is what has happened to the characters since the show ended twenty years ago.

Becky is a widower, working as a waitress who can barely keep her home.

Darlene is a college educated mom with a high school teenager and a fifth grade boy who likes to wear women’s clothes.

DJ is an army vet who is in an interracial marriage.

Roseanne’s sister Jackie, retired from the police force is now an aloof life coach.

If anything, the show reflects just how bad things were under Obama.

Roseanne and Dan almost lost their home.

Darlene and her kids are living with her parents. She tells everyone she is there to take care of her parents, when in fact, she can’t hold a steady job despite her college education.

Becky becomes deep debt after her husband passes away and looking to become a surrogate mom for some fast cash.

Jackie has become a bullying feminist.

DJ is staying home supporting his child while his wife is deployed overseas.

I watched the two opening episodes just out of curiosity.  I wasn’t much of a fan originally, but other members of my family did like the show.  Remember, this is the same Roseanne who butchered the national anthem at a baseball game, and was much maligned for her outspoken views and eccentric living before she became a supporter of Trump.

Still, there were moments where I could relate to the show:

The high cost of Health care and its shrinking benefits.

Offspring not making good life choices and coming back home to live with their parents and their pride in tatters.

Young impressionable kids allowed to explore their “identities” where “informed” parents rely on studies, rather than common sense,  that drive their parenting decisions.

The struggles grandparents have in watching their own children make mistakes in parenting while trying not to be overbearing.

If anything, the show represents what a lot of families have experienced over the last 10 years of social justice indoctrination. Liberals believe that the country was “better” under Obama.  As I like to point out to my liberal friends, many of whom suffered economically under his presidency and yet ignored, it all depends on your perspective.

During Obama’s time as President, sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, were being allowed free reign. Liberals used the courts to enforce the tenets of social justice into the legal system where businesses owned by Christians were being forced to close if they didn’t cater to customers beliefs.

The concept of  “safe spaces” and “minority only” areas were borne out of social activism in elite college campuses around the country.  It was considered empowering to write books about placing pebbles in your little sister’s private parts, while claiming to be raped by a college republican who never existed.

If you are a Muslim, you were regarded as oppressed by conservatives, especially Christian’s and Jews. Israel is viewed as an oppressive state. ISIS, Al Quaida and other Islamist terrorists was actively killing people in other countries, executing gays by throwing them off buildings, enslaving and raping young girls and women, even in Europe under mass migration.  If you expressed outrage, you were labeled homophobic, as if incorporating a group with even more extreme views on women somehow made it oppressed.

When terrorists gunned down over a hundred Parisian’s, liberals offered their thoughts and prayers. When a school shooting happens in this country, conservatives are maligned for doing the same thing.

The left vilifies White America and their role in history.  College students are actively trying to change the perspective of history under the rule of social justice, staging protests against historical figures as if somehow, the dead care about what happened.

The irony is lost among them when they don’t realize that had any one event not taken place during the course of time, their lives may not have even existed, or perhaps be very different than they are living now.

The only white people with a voice in this “Great Amerika” are the ones who side with the progressive agenda.  Conservative minorities are often ridiculed from deviating from the very labels the white leaders of this movement have placed on them.  The irony of the left celebrating diversity, so long as each member does what it says according to their designation.


And yet, on November 8, 2016, American’s chose a different kind of person to lead the country along a very different path.  If it was such a great country before Trump was elected, a lot of people sure didn’t buy into it.  While the country still has its share of problems, economic opportunity, the greatest single driver in the culture of America, has come back.

Now if we can just shrink the government and get rid of these vote grabbing unfunded liabilities, we might actually have a much longer period of economic freedom and prosperity.  That is when you achieve social justice.


9 thoughts on “Liberals: Trump is actively destroying the country.

  1. I watched “Trump: An American Dream” on Netflix last night. So many things that were puzzling before now make sense.

    Trump went on video to tell us that he can’t stand being in bed with a woman who’s had children. That’s why he dumped his first two wives and cheats on Melania. I guess he’s stuck with her for the next few years. Great way to keep him off you, and you get a baby out of the deal too. Way to go Melania!

    Ivana was always the business genius. Trump was just the bully and con man who picked up the deals. Ivana made them rich. When she left he started failing big time and hasn’t stopped since.

    Trump was toying with running for president for years but didn’t want to put his hat in the ring unless he thought he would win. That changed after the corespondents dinner when Obama, irritated by the birther crap, swatted him like a fly. Trump has no sense of humor, intelligence or humility. Obama is a master of all. He publicly crushed Trump in less than a minute. That codified Trumps hate and desire to wipe Obama from the world. It makes the Pee pee tapes, Trumps astonishing choice of cabinet, Russia and his single minded mission to undo anything that Obama accomplished completely comprehensible.

    Unfortunately, Trump cares for – no he perceives of no one else but himself. He is a psychopath and a con man. No one, nothing exists unless it’s within the realm of his current wants. That’s why he’s willing to destroy America, which will take down the rest of the free world, destroy the environment which will take down humanity and maybe the planet as well, just to even the score with Obama.

    Under the 25th amendment, it takes the VP and a majority of the cabinet to declare him unfit to be president. No wonder he keeps changing them out. When they finally get the full scope of his psychopathy they have to go, before they can do what’s necessary.

    What have we gotten ourselves into. Somehow Obama is looking much better than what we have now. On November 8, we were all conned by king of con men and now we’ll pay.


  2. I watched the first two episodes. I wouldn’t have described Jackie as aloof. Bumbling, inept, tone-deaf, and self-aggrandizing all come to mind, but the character is funny, and mostly sympathetic because she means well.
    The show is about as funny as the old show was, which is to say, a bit more so than the average sitcom. If the show continues to portray the present economy as in the Obama dumpster, then it’ll become unwatchable, requiring too much suspension of disbelief.

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  3. Anyone who bases their trusts and beliefs on ANY TV or radio or other mass media source without other proofs and backup is living in a reality that exists only in the lives of the writers, producers, and financiers of said source. in other words, DON’T believe everything you read without due diligence. To do otherwise is to put your brain in neutral, and all that does is cause you to coast. I know logic is not in favor and is considered racist and sexist because such things are detrimental to the political versions of reality. Above all read and watch with a large container of salt at hand.


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