Someone threw a whole gallon of weak sauce on himself.

Schmalfeldt tweeted this gem…

In it was this altered image, text at the bottom.

Well, since you asked, everyone knows that you’ve set up your radio station to tweet these horrible songs you produced.

No listening required.


I’m guessing that Bill is registering more hits to his enemies sites than everyone else combined is checking his.


5 thoughts on “Wut?

  1. Let me guess, in the far corner wearing the badges of service to our country in Vietnam,weighting one hundred and sixty iq hoooooooooooooooooge

    In the down wind corner, wearing imaginary badges oh JW courage, weighing 315 lbs Scaaaaaaaaat

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  2. No one has to listen to Bill’s drivel to know what he’s playing. If you search hard enough (see shadowban reference above) you can find his twitter where he spews a constant barrage of the tripe he plays.
    Now playing, I want to rape a cub scout.
    Now playing I piss on your kids.
    Now playing I’m relevant damn it!
    Now playing Pay attention to meeeeee!

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