This whole thing about military style assault weapons is gettin’ kinda stupid.

Watching the twitters, came across this:


I can shoot an AR-15 rifle just as fast as I can shoot a pistol. Guess which one is lighter?

And why is it that liberals think they know what I need?



6 thoughts on “Umm..

  1. As soon as they can introduce me to the person who, upon leaving a gunfight, says “Man, i had way too much ammo in there! i really wish there weren’t so many rounds in my mag.” then we can talk.

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  2. The effort to ban metal boxes with springs, and the proposed Pistol Grips and Telescoping Stocks Ban just confuse me. The first, because a high capacity magazine is a metal box with springs, and criminals could trivially make them if they really wanted to. The second because I just don’t understand the hate-on for Pistol Grips and Telescoping Stocks. An M-14 has neither, and will kill you just as dead as the dreaded AR-15.

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  3. Deader.

    A .308 round will do a LOT more damage than a .223 round.

    I qual’d and carried the M-14 as a member of my ship’s SAT and BAF Team, and while an older model rifle, it was more lethal in my humble opinion.

    I just shake my head at the abject stupidity of the gun grabbers.

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  4. And there is the rub. The gun grabbers doen’t even know what they are tying to grab. If it looks scary it must be. Case in point, the dumb dumb from Everytown getting all worked up about banning a scary looking gun when in reality it was a bolt action 22 with some hardware bolted on.

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    • I hear ya, bro…

      I could attach a nasty looking scope with rubber bands to a Lego rubber band gun and watch the lefty heads explode.

      Fucking idiots.

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