Novelists greatest fear: Writers block.


A somewhat.. um.. infamous writer, who has published barely read novels about his life and colon, started a multi-part series called “VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job”.

He started sharing the story on Twitter.

Editor’s warning: Click the embedded links at your own peril. More than once my multi-level internet protection scheme detected nefarious breach attempts.  Fortunately, I have a gorgeous Cylon protector.

Turns out, the stories are about serious journalism that didn’t catch the eye of the major news outlets.

Could it be that the reason his reporting failed to garner not even a snicker is because of his Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease?  After all, it was this disease that had forced his retirement from a GS-13 government position that had allowed him to work from.. the comfort of his mobile home in Elkridge, Maryland.

It seems odd that instead of traveling to the locations where his reporting could have yielded far more meat to his stories, most of his reporting was from reading well-organized websites and through email correspondence.

However, one person of interest gets TWO tweets.

That’s it?  Must be tough trying to assemble the truth.

Aside from the fact that we haven’t even gotten to the right wing smear part, this is truly a lousy story.  The writer is obviously struggling to put the pieces together in making the hard case for his victim hood caused by the mob-like activities of the right wingers.  The targets of his “investigations” laughed him off.

What he does show is the beginning of a pattern to harass others. Mostly, though, each story ends in failure.  While there may have been a story, he covers up his laziness by attempting to paint the subjects in bad light.

I was really looking forward to understanding just how deep this story goes into smearing the reputation of a relatively innocent and unknown journalist only looking to bring the light of truth on the right wing nut jobs. The title suggests a major plot by both political entities of the right, the FBI, the State Department, possibly the DoD, even extending to the top of the Executive branch!

Of course, if you just google “Bill Schmalfeldt”, you can actually read ahead and quickly understand there is no story here other than self-immolation in archives all over the internet.



5 thoughts on “Novelists greatest fear: Writers block.

  1. no no no.


    You gotta’ say more than that. reaches back?

    Doesn’t make sense to me. Schmalfeldt doesn’t have the personal expertise. I know and understand he makes use of open-market tools but you’ve implied he’s able to set up same on a presumably hosted domain.

    Nah. DumbF5ck just doesn’t have the expertise. I know he can’t write malware but I’m also saying he can’t implement others on a domain he’s paid for. Just not smart enough.

    Please clarify.

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