So yeah, he’s at it again..


He thinks he has dirt on me.

So he’s going to talk about my past two divorces and child support arrangements? Is it now a thing of shame if people get divorced?

Here’s the other thing: There are also other people named “Marvin Rodriguez” in the state of Arizona. Not sure what he means by civil judgments, but it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.  Most likely, he’ll be wrong, yet again.


14 thoughts on “So yeah, he’s at it again..

  1. This is the guy with a baker’s dozen restraining orders against him, yes?

    Bonus lulz:

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  2. LOL… The southwest is very Hispanic and Rodriguez is the Hispanic “Smith”. Good job DUMBF5CK.

    Nice to see the ” billy badass” part of schmycle is in full swing.

    I’d be less embarrassed about divorce than I would about tweeting my first date soulmate’s death throes like laying in bed soaked in urine. But that’s just me. Some people like the Parkinson’s faking valor stealing shitbag have other priorities like ensuring they maintain beneficiary status on a life insurance policy.

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  3. I think we need another “everyone address William schmalfedt, the valor stealing Parkinson’s faking shitbag, as ‘William’ day” to show how spooky it is to call someone by their first name.

    At least in the world of IMAX projection it is, anyway.

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  4. “Edgy?!?”


    That statement alone is funnier than anything you hav ever recorded and vomited out on the interwebs.

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