Uh huh..


This is what passes for a GS-13 Writer.

Today in the land of the Twitterz, our favorite run and hide fake Stage 91821 Parkinson’s Disease infested New Mexico (at least that’s where he wants us to believe he’s living) grifter seems to have taken offense to me and others commenting on my friend John Hoge’s Hogewash! daily TKPOD post.

So he tweeted this response:

I made a thinly-veiled cowardly death threat? See for yourself what I posted and then what he said.


My comment was referring to his actual tweet in the post and was an extension of what I posted about yesterday.  Apparently, the consequences are that I am risking my consulting business by merely asking the question?


But wait!  It gets better!

In case you’re new to this, he’s tried to use the courts EIGHT TIMES in an attempt to get people to stop reporting and commenting about him, making absurd and wild claims of abuse simply because others accurately report on him, or express their first amendment protected opinions about him.  I have never once threatened him in any way, and the only responses I have ever made to his threats have been “Bring it!”

The reason he fails is because he NEVER learns.  And the cycle repeats itself.

So, if he wants to come after me, by all means.  Pass the butter.



31 thoughts on “Uh huh..

    • Guaranteed that bill schmalfeldt will ignore my comment.
      So pick out the idiot in this video who has schmalfeldt levels of situational awareness.

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  1. Am I blind? Or perhaps that blowhard is not writing in a language that is understandable.
    Where are these so-called veiled threats? Is having delusions of grandeur symptoms of PD? Is that what’s going on with him? (Not like it would matter).
    The woman he’s with – did she have a job in SC?
    Does anyone know what would seriously happen if someone ratted on cabin boy to the offices of Social Security, and the VA?
    Pretty certain many feel like I do in that something has to give.

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    • No one has threatened to do him harm. While there have been others who have suggested, shall we say, permanent courses of action, he has declined to act on them.

      He says we are allowed to share our opinions, but he is the only arbiter of truth when it comes to statements about him. If he doesn’t like the statement, then it’s considered libel, slander, death threats, etc, even if it doesn’t pass the legal standards.

      It’s almost as if people don’t follow the rules he sets down. Wonder why?

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      • These liberal snowflakes think posting the TRUTH about them is a threat and if one posts the TRUTH about them more than once it is then clearly that is “stalking!” The stupid is epic!

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  2. Anyone got a picture of him,looking at his treasure trove, going to a top law firm in Chicago, they asked about the child porn and dropped him like a hot potato?

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  3. “Pablo on March 14, 2018 at 4:17 pm said:
    There’s the one that’s undeniably his. The poor bastard. He seems not to be an utter DUMBFUCK, though. Gainfully employed and whatnot.”

    which one?

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