So wait..


We don’t follow Rule of Law?

Oakland Mayor warns illegal immigrants, many of them repeat and violent offenders, that ICE raids are coming.  While the raids were successful, some managed to have escaped.

But Pelosi classified that these illegals were “innocent families” and accused the legal actions by ICE as “terrorism.”

“Just last week, President Trump decided to terrorize innocent immigrant families in the Bay Area with his unjust and cruel raids,” she said.

To quote President Obama, “Elections have consequences.”  Establishing the rule of law is one of them.  Nice to know that liberals continue to give deference to illegal aliens over legal immigrants and natural citizens.

3 thoughts on “So wait..

  1. Part of the continuing hypocrisy of the liberal progressives. When it comes to laws they do not agree with they feel free to ignore them such as immigration law.
    But oh how they scream how “its federal law that must be obeyed !”when it’s anything else such as abortion, voting, guns, or discrimination…

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    • Rush Limbaugh had fun pointing out that the same basis for overturning Arizona’s immigration law, namely Federal Supremacy for immigration enforcement, will be applicable in the California case.

      Jerry Brown’s insulting reply was quite impressive. I couldn’t decide whether I’d rather see him doing a perp walk or getting punched out. I know, I can embrace the power of and.

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