Solving Problems


Two survivors from a horrible tragedy.  Both using different paths to prevent it from ever happening again.

The stories of David Hogg and Kyle Kashuv are a microcosm of left versus right in how one uses an extreme reckless agenda, and the other who looks for real solutions from all sides.

David Hogg and Emilia Gonzales have been paraded around the news media, talk shows, and rallies, and given platforms to spew liberal talking points and slander innocent people to push false narratives.

In one instance, the White House called Hogg to ask him to come to President Trump’s listening session.  Instead, he made his demands that the President show up at the disasterous CNN town hall to “listen to the cries of children” and hung up.  And the liberal friendly crowd in Bill Maher’s studio applauded.

Hogg wasn’t interested in meeting with the President, but he has no problem meeting with like minded people both in the media and in politics.

When Betsy Davos, the Secretary of Education came to the school to learn more facts and get more perspective, Emilia Gonzales, tweeted this:

Interestingly, here again was an opportunity to share insight with the Secretary of Education, but political party is more important.  The solution can wait until well after nap time, if at all.

Hogg’s sister likes to make these kinds of tweets:

Lauren Hogg knows nothing of Dana Loesch’s struggle with death threats to her and her family on a daily basis.  Even Loesch has said she would have done anything to stop the killer, but instead of looking at the failures that led up to the tragedy, Hogg just wants to shame an innocent person only because of her association to a group that is the sworn enemy of the left.  Wonder where she learned how to do that?

But here is what Kyle Kushav did today and the response he got:

And Kyle is not afraid of calling out the behavior of his fellow classmates who act inappropriately:

Kashuv’s message is that we need to get solutions that can pass to strengthen protections for schools to avoid the tragedy he and his classmates endured.  Gun Control can be discussed later.

Hogg, Gonzales, and the other liberal activists borne out of the tragedy are all about narratives, name calling, creating shame, and throwing tantrums to get their way.  Sorta like being children.

Because they are and allowed to act that way.  And the left exploits them for their own political gain.  Responsible people, including parents, only shake their heads, recognizing that the parents of these “activists” have given up parenting in favor of fame for their children’s reckless and divisive behavior.  Wonder how that will turn out?

But the liberals only care about the narrative, so it’s OK. After all, they know all about solving problems.  Sorta like how Democrats want to protect Dreamers, but never seem to get serious until there is an election.

The real problem solvers are the ones who will listen.  The NRA, gun rights advocates, and others are more than willing to listen and help to look for solutions.  And yet, you can’t blame them for not coming to the table if all the activists want is to vilify them in an effort to force their surrender.

A lesson these young activists will most likely learn the hard way.


4 thoughts on “Solving Problems

  1. “A lesson these young activists will most likely learn the hard way.” If they learn it at all. Unfortunately such tactics have worked for the activists for years. Especially in too many parts of our education system. The Feds do not need to be involved in school safety. The solutions will be made best at the local levels. Then when a mass shooting happens, the nearby politicians who allowed it to happen will be blamed. And punished by voters as they should be!

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  2. incredible that this is viwed as news! this is an opinion piece. How about some actual reporting? More facts. Sad that this is what conservatives consider to be news worthy.


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