About that Blue Wave in Texas..


Uh huh..

I realize there are still a few counties left to count, but this was just um.. funny.

Ted Cruz had more primary votes than ALL of the Democrat primary candidates COMBINED.

Same for Greg Abbott..


And Dan Patrick..


The total vote represents only twenty-five percent of the ballots cast from the 2016 election, something that was expected, but I had hoped to see more vote totals of this “blue wave” since the media has been dead on in election polling lately.

US House races for ten Democrat primaries will face a run-off, while just six for Republicans.   No incumbents faced a run-off.

I checked all the Twitter feeds to see if any of the major outlets were talking about the devastation Texas Republicans were facing.  It seems as though the tsunami of Democrat power was nothing more than a ripple.  Hardly a mention other than Cruz and O’Rourke would face each other in the General Election.

When Wendy Davis was made famous in her filibuster of abortion legislature in the Texas Senate, there was talk she might become the first Democrat governer since Ann Richards.  Not even close.

Same thing during the 2016 election when Rachel Maddow and the prognosticators at MSNBC said Texas was in play, hoping the state would turn a nice shade of purple.  Texas was called for Trump within mere seconds of the state poll closings.

But I guess a liberal can dream!


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