More about those crumbs..


Earlier this afternoon, I was taking the wife and our dog, Mason, on our daily drive.  One of the things I noticed was the number of very visible “Help Wanted” signs in many of the business areas we passed.

Living in a modern Arizona city, there are strip malls at every major intersection.  In some places, I used to see several open spaces, remnants of the failure of the Obama legacy.  Today, in one particular location, I noticed that the number of open spaces have dropped from five to one.

It’s hard to say exactly just how the old fashioned brick and mortar business will last since Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest man by turning Amazon Prime into a household name.  It’s certainly has helped me, and I do plan to keep using it.

Yet, it appears that people are still risking the chance to build their portion of the American Dream.  And they are hiring, which means there is more than enough money and work to pay someone to help.  Sounds like America is becoming great again!

I’ve been busy lately negotiating to improve my income.  A number of companies have been competing for my services.  This has resulted in a 40% increase in my income alone.  Every year I spend a lot of energy to barely stay ahead and look for more opportunities.  Not this year, as I can now focus on delivering.

My wife has been slowly building a side business for herself over the last couple of years.  Amazingly, she expects to see a 200% increase in her income this year as demand for her talents has grown exponentially.  She has finally found her niche and is happy doing the work.

For almost a decade, middle class Americans have struggled to see, much less have the ability to generate opportunities for a better life.  Obama and the left elite have been telling us it will get better if we just adopt some strange economic policies that are rooted in “social justice” and “economic equality”, whatever that means.

During that time,  they preached how much better it will get while enriching themselves.  Tax cuts were not on the radar, and whenever offered was not only meager, but short lived. Government spending continued unabated despite deceptive statements of “reducing the deficit” in the face of doubling the National Debt.  Unemployment went down only because people stopped looking for work.

And the crazy thing is that while Obama passed his legacy legislation for health care reform, which hardly delivered on its promises of lower premiums with better coverage, he seemed to believe that this high tax, high spend economic theory would generate a booming economy.

Middle America became stagnant while Hollywood and liberal corporate elites were becoming richer under Democrat rule.  It was not a coincidence that these same benefactors were always there to tell us how much better our life is while adding to the welfare and food stamp rolls.

Then Trump was elected. The media, who were complicit in electing him, were shocked and upset he actually won.  And realizing their mistake, proclaimed the apocalypse was upon us.

After his swearing in, he started fulfilling his campaign promises.

While the media has been hammering constantly on Russian collusion and meddling, chaos in the West Wing, and the liberals daily routine of being offended by the NRA, Trump tweets, and the like, the effects of his policy and legislative agenda has seen very real, tangible changes across the country.

My brothers run an automotive shop on the east coast.  They are seeing an increase in business of 30% since January.   Another friend of mine who is an Oracle consultant says his bookings have gone up 40% and includes an increase in the average bid of 20%. And the recruiter I have known for years tells me her company is seeing an increase in demand for hiring, and are paying 20% more for prospective talent.

Sure, all these are anecdotes, but  I see the Help Wanted signs are out and hanging on the entrance doors and windows of small businesses ready to hire.  Requisitions for more talent are showing up in recruiting agencies.  And the biggest impact is seeing the number of covered spaces filled in by cars at once sparse office complexes.

And what opened my eyes was the stop at Starbucks the other day. It was a long line in the drive-thru. My favorite barista told me they are understaffed because so many of have moved on to real jobs, and she is hoping she’ll get a real job herself soon.

Not sure about those baristas who have the <insert protected class/gender> Studies degree, but it’s good to see people have better opportunities.

3 thoughts on “More about those crumbs..

  1. In Michigan there is a severe shortage of workers in the skilled trades. I have a friend who is a plumber. [We have a deal. When I need plumbing done, unless it’s an emergency he does it when he can and I pay the going rate. That way we remain friends.] He hires unskilled labor [plumber helpers] at $15/hr and some benefits. He promises to turn them into plumbers who can pass the journeyman test. And he can do that. But hardly any of them last the 6 months of 50-60 hour weeks it takes. They quit. They would rather work fewer hours at lower rates at McDonald’s it seems.

    He told me if he could get a good helper he’d sell them his business when he retires in a few years. If they make journeyman he pays journeyman rates if they stay and work with him. Few do because they can get work in lots of places. He probably nets out at over 100K/yr with a business that consists largely of his skills and tools, a van, and a cell phone [and a small storage shed at his home].


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