The Left’s Deranged Gun Control Syndrome


Despite the despicable act of putting young teens having experienced a horrific act in front of microphones while still in the grieving process, the lunacy of the left has taken things up a notch.

“Kill the NRA”

Nikolas Cruz was not a member of the NRA.  In fact, of the mass shootings in schools and public places over the last couple of decades, none of the gunslingers were members either.

“Revoking a rule that prevented people with mental illness from getting guns.”

A “journalist” who seems to think that a rule even the ACLU believed was wrong and failed to even read about it,somehow thought the rule, which applied to Social Security Beneficiaries who had problems managing their finances, would have prevented the shooting.

“Memes that get it wrong.”

Of all the dumbest memes, this one speaks volumes about people who know little of what they are talking about.   He adds this tweet to his rather stupid threads.

I’m not a lawyer, but if someone were to take away your legally owned guns, computers, smart phone, it’s probably because you did something that violated the law.  Any other reason than that would constitute a violation of your rights.

“Strawmen are also victims of mass shootings.”

I don’t know of any conservative that has suggested that gay people getting married would make gay kids.  As someone who has a gay kid, I’m not particularly worried if he chooses to adopt a kid, and I certainly don’t think he’ll try to make his children gay.   But if that’s the best she can come up with to support her failing position, she deserves all the mockery that comes with it.

“I make up stories to prove a point”

Turns out, this was not only a lie, but the tweet is still up and is an example of how far the left will go in attempt to push a narrative.

But the most incredible thing has been the newfound advocacy that says we should now allow 16 year old’s the right to vote, as well set national policy – all because they are victims of a shooting. They seem to be striking a chord with the left who are willingly and abusively parading these kids around.

While those kids are suffering, other kids with different views are being silenced and being outright shamed for not toeing the line.  In fact, some of those kids recognize what the left is doing to their friends, but the media, especially CNN and other left outlets are giving them the same air time.

I understand those kids anguish and suffering, but one of the lessons you learn in life is that you cannot solve problems by emotions alone.  I’m not shocked that the left wants to use these kids to push their agenda.  After all, no crisis should ever go to waste, even if it means harming the mental health of kids who have not had a chance to properly grieve.

And like past victims the left has paraded around, they too will be pushed by the wayside once their usefulness has run out, especially if those kids realize what is happening to them.  That is the shame of the left.

5 thoughts on “The Left’s Deranged Gun Control Syndrome

  1. And they want to raise age of rifle purchases to 21. So they figure someone is old enough to guide the country, then die for the country, and only after all of that is someone old enough to hunt food, defend themselves, or help replenish the tree of liberty.

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  2. Here’s a head slapper I never hear them address: The Second Amendment isn’t about guns.
    What you say? nope. show me any synonym for guns anywhere in the language. It says “arms”. Any tool to help you bring force to bear in defense of yourself and your country. Its much broader than guns and yes I believe private citizens should be able buy anything they can afford. Anything.

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  3. I think Second Amendment rights should be like abortion rights — anyone who is 14 and wants one anonymously from any legal provider can get one, no questions asked, no permission needed, and supported by tax dollars and tax-deductible donations.

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