Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


The Stupid is Strong in this one..

A group that is dedicated to the preservation of the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to every American is somehow a terrorist organization.

And she wants to issue implicit threats to a group that are trained to use .. um.. firearms?


5 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. It’s looking more and more to me like we’re headed for violence. I should be more worried, since all my firearms and ammo were lost in a terrible boating accident. Oh, well, maybe I can use the crumbs for the Trump tax cuts to replenish my supply. Probably lose them while boating, too, though.

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    • The only reason they would attempt to do that is to push for a showdown against NRA members and other gun owners. And it would be incredibly stupid because someone might realize it would be a bad idea since most liberals have no idea how to use a gun, much less want to touch one.

      But before they do that, I’m certain they will first destroy all the liberal cities they infest first, just like they normally do.

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  2. I sort of hope it does reach the point of widespread violence. It would give Americans an excuse to- and cover for purging our nation of its more undesirable elements and putting some sorts to use for our nation’s and our nation’s people’s benefit.

    Greatness comes from purity. Purity comes from burning out that which does not belong.

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