Thinking out loud here.


It seems that someone’s live 365 free period has expired.

During that time, that someone spent a lot of time promoting his album on Amazon by flooding his twitter timeline.

While claiming he was unable to get housing in South Carolina in his failed legal lolsuit, he was never challenged on his IFP.

And yet, since then, he’s taken a couple of trips out west, some of those trips most likely would have covered his legal costs, instead of the good citizens of South Carolina.

Makes you wonder exactly where all this money is suddenly coming from. I realize he may now have a job, but he should also have good records of his income. You know, for things like – discovery.


Just thinking out loud here.


11 thoughts on “Thinking out loud here.

        • He has not stolen value from his children. He has made them dislike him a great deal.
          All of those kids are of value since he is not around to poison them with his misery, shallow minded, paranoid narcissistic egomaniacal waste of biomass bullshit.
          I am amazed and appalled that he is still alive and breathing.
          I thought he was on his death bed?
          He claims to have PD, but then he says he DIDN’T have it, but then he says he does. What exactly is the real story? Or is there one at all?
          What a waste of space. He seriously needs to apologize to a tree for wasting all that oxygen.
          He really is a twatwaffle.

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        • He wants you to believe he is dying because he uses it as a weapon. He threatened to call my employer saying that I was spending time at work attacking a disabled man.

          He posted comments, which are in moderation, that essentially threatened to sue me if I didn’t remove my opinions about him faking his disease. Every post I’ve made is backed up by Billy’s own words and actions.

          His silence, though, has been to the response of a post I made that asks him “What does he have to gain from being disabled?” If you use evidence he provides that shows he is faking, he claims it’s straight up libel. As far as I am concerned, he is more than welcome to try his hand at suing me to prove his case, assuming he manages to get past the technical hurdles.

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