Liberals aren’t interested in solving problems.


Despite the screaming voices from the left proclaiming that Republicans, the NRA, and Trump supporters are complicit in the murders of the Florida school children on Wednesday, they really aren’t interested in solutions.   They just want gun control, even though not a single liberal can tell you what law or regulation would have prevented the horrible massacre.

And while the media has been doing it’s best to vilify anyone who is not for gun control, in Everett, Washington, a grandmother did something that many more people in Florida couldn’t do – call in her grandchild who was going to do the same thing Nikolas Cruz did.

According to Fox Q13, a grandmother became suspicious of her grandson and decided to investigate.  She came upon his journal where he was planning to shoot up the local high school. When she discovered a rifle in his guitar case, she called the police.  Students at Kamiak High School in Washington, and possible the ACES school where the student attended, will continue their lives having avoided the same tragic fate of those in Florida.

This story will gain no traction among the left and certainly, the media. A parent, a loved one, someone who knew the student acted and prevented a tragedy.  “This kid is not going to cause harm to others.”


The difference between what happened in Washington and in Florida is a stark reminder of the fact that just one person could make a difference and prevent a tragedy.  It required nothing more than someone to be observant and take action.  There are many other local stories where people who do good to stop innocents from being massacred.

In Florida, it was not a breakdown of gun laws; it was a breakdown of the system, the community and law enforcement.  Many people, including students, teachers, and administrators knew this kid had problems.  Despite all the warnings, seventeen innocent people were murdered.

And yet, the left uses such tragedies to push a political agenda that will do nothing to stop the next tragedy.  If we want to have a conversation about school shootings, then we need to have a conversation about what causes troubled teens to decide to murder their fellow humans.

But more importantly, we need to have conversations WITH kids to help them deal with their problems. Cruz’s defense lawyers say he is a broken kid.  This was obvious well known before he chose to pick up a gun and go on a murder spree.

So please, explain to me how creating more restrictions on gun laws help a broken kid. I’m quite certain there are more kids out there who are broken and on the verge of doing something similar or much worse. I’m sure the NRA, Republicans and everyone else who are “complicit” would rather fix the broken kid so as to prevent another tragedy than listen to bunch of liberal whiners who aren’t really interested in solving problems and just want to push an irrational agenda.

5 thoughts on “Liberals aren’t interested in solving problems.

  1. This dude had begun gathering parts to make explosives, which if properly deployed could have killed hundreds. While banning any currently legal firearm would have NOT stopped this madman from killing, I am interested in the excessive violence in Hollywood films and first person shooter video games. Hollywood liberals want so badly to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights, so lets see how they feel about placing their 1st Amendment rights on the same barging table.

    Like many gun owners, I feel my 2A rights could be in jeopardy so I purchased a case of 80% AR 15 lowers today. I will spend this weekend purchasing a couple more lower-end AR’s and bulk ammo. The more noise the left makes about guns, they more firearms will be sold.

    It seems that our elite law enforcement agency might have missed many tips about our shooter. I think when the facts are finally known about this FL school shooting and the Las Vegas mass shooting, the FBI’s involvement, or lack there of, will shock many Americans.

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  2. I’m thinking I’ll take my “Trump tax cut crumbs” and buy replacements for my firearms that were lost in that tragic boating accident. I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

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    • You had one of those types of boat trips as well?

      On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 2:20 AM Sonoran Conservative wrote:

      > JorgXMcKie commented: “I’m thinking I’ll take my “Trump tax cut crumbs” > and buy replacements for my firearms that were lost in that tragic boating > accident. I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.” >

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  3. When you see people constantly complaining about a problem that doing absolutely nothing to solve it, it doesn’t take long to realize that they have no real interest in solving the problem as much as they do using the problem to further whatever their goals are.
    You see the same thing in Immigration Reform, after months of Democrats demanding something be done, now they don’t want to do anything in Congress to actually reform anything.

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