More lies..


It must be a day ending in Y.

Just a few tweets over the last few days..




But he’s not into Hoge at all.  And besides, it’s not him!!!!

Yeah, totally not into a guy when you tweet about him everyday, right?



33 thoughts on “More lies..

  1. You know what I find interesting?

    In two and a half years, this DUMBFUCK who by his own words and legal filings is incapable of traveling, has moved from Maryland to Wisconsin to South Carolina to wherever he believes we don’t already know he is…

    …and in all his cross country wanderings, he has never once made contact with any of the half dozen or so children that may or may not be his scattered across the nation.

    And this racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist pot (for the Google bomb, I refer to lying, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist motherfucker Bill Schmalfeldt) wants to call Eric P Johnson black?


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  2. LMAO!! Why so mad, William? Is it because you thought you withheld enough from your timeline no one would k ow where you went? Or is it because as much as you try to run and hide from responsibilities (like paying sanctions) you keep getting found?

    Poor wit’l’ Biwwy. Your twitter screed just oozes with ragedrunk. I wont speak for others but it has the opposite effect you want from me. Instead of eliciting the rage you were so desperately hoping for, it actually evoked laughter. Hysterical laughter. Because, William, we know your valor stealing, Parkinson’s faking actions better than you know yourself. We hit a nerve and its making you RAWR RAGE at the keyboard (in between shots of JWR) because you just can’t stand the fact that you’ve gotten your pathetic ass kicked at every turn by the people you hoped to shut up because the truth made your butt hurt.

    And William, just like you tried to do to others, we WILL do to you. There are a few people who will probably remind you that your court BS has consequences.

    You can try to avoid them. Not gonna happen.

    You can try to hide. Not gonna happen.

    You can try to fade it and make it history to be forgotten.


    So keep on raging at the keyboard thinking you’ve “won” or or eliciting rage, because all it does is keep me warm with laughter knowing that, once again, you’ve failed miserably.

    Take the cure, shitbag.

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  3. Why did he move in the first place? Aren’t future employees of the VA supposed to be vetted? Do you know if his ability to walk without any structural aid, or drive affect his disability income?
    Thanks for any answers.

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  4. Just exactly who is the obsessed stalker here? Not taking into consideration that Bill Schmalfeldt has been legally adjudicated a “DERANGED CYBERSTALKER” in court, who has been fixated on who? In the past 10 days what percentage of @Bill365Radio tweets mention John Hoge or directly?

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