Oh really?


Well well well.. a certain lying faker has come out of hiding.

So this happened..

This was a result from a post over at Hogewash!

The evidence that Schmalfeldt has been faking his disease has been documented by this blog and others.

Schmalfeldt provided ALL the evidence that not only is he lying about his diagnosis, but his narrative as late as 2015 was that he was practically invalid as the disease had taken any chance of him enjoying life.

After moving to Wisconsin in late summer 2015, his disease went into remission. You read that correctly – his Parkinson’s went into remission.

Here’s a video of him wanting to travel the country in 2017:


It briefly returned in the summer of 2017, just in time to threaten a Maryland Judge with a lawsuit violating the American Disabilities Act if he was not allowed to attend the trial by Skype, even though he expressly violated court rules about recording testimony from a previous hearing.  He never showed.  Talk about being a coward.

Here is a picture of him in early January 2018 having traveled from South Carolina to Texas, showing peculiar signs of miraculous recovery…


.. which is from this tweet..

Anonymous people having information he obviously provides and throwing back in his face does not mean they are cowards.

It means liars like him are going to keep lying.


8 thoughts on “Oh really?

  1. He sure talks big for someone that has himself disclosed all the evidence needed to form the opinion that he is faking. But his big talk is nothing but more hot air. He can’t do anything at all about anyone’s opinion that he is faking. His bluster is as impotent as ever.

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  2. Why haven’t you ever brought any of those Nationally-renowned Experts to court with you, DUMBFUCK?

    1. Because they’ve (blessedly) never heard of you.

    2. Because you’re a malingering, goldbricking, perjuring Fakinson’s fraudster.

    I embrace the power of “and.”

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  3. He knows his whole “life” would come crashing down if he went into a courtroom with YEARS of evidence from his own hand showing he is faking it. Its all bluster and the usual threats in a feeble attempt at shutuppery.

    He doesn’t need people to “deanonymize” themselves to refute their opinions that he’s faking it based on the evidence this shitbag himself provided. His ONLY purpose for names is to attempt to cause financial and emotional pain for pointing out what a lying shitbag he is.

    Sorry Mr. FAKINSONS, you’re not going to get what you want no matter how much you bluster. Krendler’s Rule #1: whatever the faking shitbag wants, DENY IT. And after what I’ve seen you say and do to try and inflict pain on others, I myself will never, EVER stop pointing out how YOUR OWN ACTIONS prove you’re faking it.

    And if for some reason you do find out who I am and try the bullshit on me you’ve tried on others you absolutely won’t like which happens.

    Fucking die alread you valor stealing (never refutes that, I wonder why?) Parkinson’s FAKING asshole. Do the world that little favor.

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  4. Is that his lying, faking hand raised above his lying, faking head again I see?

    Waiting for the retouched photos with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to prove the lying faker is neither faking nor lying…

    They’re always fun to PLM.

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  5. The Schmalfeldt Logic is thick with this one. We deserve a Feldtchart if only because of our long suffering service at PLM.

    Item the first: you ain’t Neil Diamond. His diagnosis does nothing to validate your claims of disease any more than your vaporware medical “diagnosis” in the past has.

    Item the second: I hope Neil got the extremely rare for of PD which is variable and only gets worse when the suffered needs to get his ass out of the wringer. But I fear he doesn’t because it doesn’t actually exist.

    Item the third: lots and lots of people will feel bad that Neil has this. You? hahahaha I kill me.

    Item the fourth: “You must reveal your identity to earn my respect”
    “Reveal your true name, I command it!!!”
    “If you do not tell me your real name and all PII needed for me to harass you,
    you are a coward and everyone believes what I declare about people”
    “Awww c’mon tell me who you really are so I can sue you? I’ll be your friend”
    Nope. Not gonna do it. You said years ago that you were just gonna tear us apart with you uber madd doxxing skillz in like five minutes. Far be it from me to deny a poor poor PD sufferer the chance to show everybody what he can really do. Unless of course you were totally lying about that too.

    Irony and Karma both demand that you actually get severe and total PD and end up a shriveled, locked up shell of a creature stuck underneath a rainy highway over pass hidden in a carboard box. Enjoy.

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