Notice anything odd?


How weird is this?

Bill Schmalfeldt took a picture.


Of himself.


With one of his hands over his head.

In Texas.

How did he get there when only a half a year ago:

  • Claimed he could not travel to Maryland because his Parkinson’s made it painful to travel and would sue a judge and the State of Maryland if he was not allowed to Skype into his hearing.
  • Bought an electric scooty puff and a wheelchair to be more mobile.
  • Claimed he couldn’t put his hands over his head.
  • Claimed in legal filings that it was wrong for people to say he was faking his Parkinson’s Disease.

This was taken in Longview, Texas, across the state of Texas from El Paso, the city he says he has set up an internet radio station including call letters.  That is quite a drive.

Interesting developments for a guy who claims he’s practically destitute on government disability, could not find housing in South Carolina, but seems to be traveling across the country.  It appears he’s fallen into some money.



14 thoughts on “Notice anything odd?

  1. So by his actions we know he committed premeditated perjury. I do believe the Federal retirement system needs to do an investigation of his phony ass.

    Yes bill schmalfeldt you are faking Parkinson’s Disease.

    The priceless part about that those statements is that bill would have to prove them false in court if he was so unwise to sue.

    When you start out to paint that floor, do not paint yourself into a corner.

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  2. Sorry shitbag, you won’t have jurisdiction in Texas either. I know you THINk you know the law but just like being “judgement proof” you missed the nuance.

    PS- you have all this money to move and none to fix inflataskank’s meth mouth?

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  3. It sure would be a shame if someone packaged together all of that material – court filings, blog posts, pictures, driver’s license and car ownership information – and sent it off to the Social Security Administration to figure out.

    A real shame.

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    • A complete shame. To get a judgement that not only denies future payments but requires payback due to fraud. It would be a damn shame. And William “valor stealing Parkinson’s FAKING” Shmalfeldt would find out just how “judgement proof” he isn’t when its the Feds that are involved.

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  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if that versa with a temp tag (as if someone who moved to the state just bought it) was liinked to someone who filed for pauper status in court?

    If so, would that be fraud or perjury?

    Asking for a friend.

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