Oh Really?

A small twitter exchange I found interesting.

Cue liberal white guy who seemed to miss the point..

Let me see if I understand this:  The black man who is explaining that Democrats are ignoring black Americans, which loyally vote for the Democrats 90% of the time, is being educated by a white guy on how he should feel about Democrat priorities?

Is it me, or are white Democrats so smug they can now just tell Black American’s to just stay on the sidelines because they can always count on the Black vote?

Would the Democrats filibuster to provide education grants and housing subsidies to American citizens in the Black community like they do for illegal aliens?


It seems as though the Democrat leadership has only ears and energy for the illegal immigrants and their concerns, wanting to spend money in sanctuary states to provide homes and protection from ICE, but are ignoring the needs of the Black community they’ve always promised to help.

And the white Senate Democrat leadership claim Donald Trump is racist…



1 thought on “Oh Really?

  1. We could also mention how often universities award “affirmative action” benefits to African origin students who actually faced no discrimination in their home countries, instead of awarding it to US citizens of african heritage born here.

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