DACA #SchumerShutDown


They doubled down.

According to a Huffington Post reporter:

The deadline President Trump wanted for DACA and immigration is in March.  The Democrats however, are insisting that Speaker Paul Ryan agree to a deal before the next appropriations.

It would appear that Durbin’s antics have managed to create a problem for the Democrats. There have been rumblings within the Latino ranks that the Democrats were not serious about pushing for DACA. Fearing they may be alienating their constituents when they may desperately need them for the mid-terms, Democrats have now gone all in and made DACA their Little Big Horn.

Something Schumer said on the Senate floor after the failed cloture vote made me laugh.

Oh wait, that is from 2013.  From the floor.

The narrative has changed and the whining is now at maximum level. The condescending tone, in which he tries to portray the Democrats as merely trying to compromise, is lost when you consider that the entire narrative was about DACA.

The legislation had non-controversial items Democrats wanted, but the reality is, had it passed, Democrats could not get what they truly wanted.  What Schumer and the liberal Democrats really wants is a deal that makes Democrats appear to have negotiated their goodies while making the Republicans look bad – and if DACA becomes the line in the sand, so be it.

And this most likely will come back to bite them. News outlets are already sharing what each Senator voted, creating a record that Republicans can wave in front of negotiations.  Will the Democrats stand up for illegals immigrants to the point that the US military families will have to scramble to find financial support while so many service members are still in combat operations around the world?

Republicans REALLY need to get on top of this and quickly.  The media production group within the RNC should be working overtime making videos using the Democrats own words, especially Schumer’s to show voters just how much they really care about the military, veterans, and even everyday American citizens.

Contrast their liberal agenda and past failures with Republican promises and legislative actions to get things done that help the average American. Should be pretty easy when you consider that Bernie Sanders and Dianne Feinstein claimed it was detrimental to the American people if the government shut down.  And yet, they voted to make it happen.



5 thoughts on “DACA #SchumerShutDown

  1. In all my years I’ve NEVER seen the Republicans actually push their advantage. They usually end up caving because the Dems own the media and the media will hammer the GOP. So they cave instead of forcefully pushing back and correcting the narrative.

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  2. Pushing their advantage hasn’t been in the game plan since Reagan was president. That being the case, I expect Trump will take to twitter and will forcefully push the republicans, kicking and screaming, to correct the narrative and possibly help their position for the mid-term elections. I would like for them to continue to shame the media during interviews with civics 101 lesson.

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  3. McConnell was out giving Schumer the blame this morning. We’ll see how it goes.

    All I know is that essential employees and contractors are going to get a lot done with all of the extra layers of oversight on unplanned vacation (which it is. Those poor govvies will all be compensated. Not so the contractors.)

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