Except, there is no collusion


Silicon Valley social media giants, the media and academia all have one thing in common and recent revelations seem to suggest that problem is much deeper.

Project Veritas released a bombshell video that shows Twitter is censoring conservative and pro-Trump accounts, halting their trending hashtags, and even suppressing their  tweet impressions. All of this has been known for the last couple of years amid repeated claims that Twitter favors liberal and progressive collateral while denying the same.

Former Google engineer James Damore, who was fired along with another engineer, is suing their former employer in a California court for wrongful termination and violation of California work place rules and civil rights violations.

In his damning complaint, he alleges with ample evidence that management is solidly leftist. While Google allows political viewpoints to be shared in the workplace, they turn a blind eye to intimidation and suppression of conservative employees viewpoints. In fact, it has been stated that management encourages such behavior.  Damore even shares how management reacts to discovery of non-conformist political views by giving bad reviews, denying performance bonuses and pay raises.

Recently, Google was caught offering fact checking to news articles that show up in searches, and yet they appeared to only be attached to sites they deemed conservative, even if the facts being checked were never mentioned in the articles. Ironically, while Google denies there are biases in their processes, Damore’s lawsuit shows that Google is entrenched with people hired that support leftist’s views.

A few months ago, Youtube cut advertiser money to content providers on its platform, but it was soon discovered that many more conservative content providers were more seriously affected than liberal ones.  Individual video postings from conservative accounts were also blocked or removed from visibility, often without warning and in some cases permanently, as a result of false reporting campaigns by leftists.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently expressed dismay at how divided his mega-money Facebook empire has become, so much so that he is changing the news feeds once again to promote more positive posts and better interactions.  This was partly driven by the failure of his Fake News initiative that had the exact opposite effect.

After the 2016 election, Facebook acknowledged that Russians had purchased a few hundred grand of political ads, but were unable to actually quantify the impact they had on voter turnout.  Congressional investigators and Special Counsel Robert Mueller took interest as part of the larger “Russian election meddling” investigations.  Recently, Facebook shared that Russian operatives had created numerous groups designed to sow dissent by sharing anti-Hillary news and meme’s designed to influence group members.

During the election, some Facebook employees wanted to suspend Trump’s campaign page due to what they concluded was Trump’s racist and hate speech views. Some pages operated by conservative accounts were suspended along those lines and later restored due to false reports by organized leftists.

On both Facebook and Twitter, there have been attempts by the left, and operatives funded by George Soros through Democrat linked organizations to have Trump removed from the social media platforms.  Their reasoning is that Trump won’t stop tweeting.

While campaigning for the Presidency, Trump labeled the news media as “fake news”.  Major media outlets were openly critical of both him and his supporters. When Trump won the election, the media became shell-shocked and expressed gloom and doom of how to handle Trump in the White House. Some major personalities had even expressed that many in the US were now worried and afraid, obviously alluding to those on the left.

A recent report of bias in the news showed that 91% of articles written about Trump since his election has been negative. Another group showed that almost half of the negative articles written by the media contained one or more factual errors that should have changed the story, or not have been published.

ABC had to suspend Brian Ross for reporting a false fact. CNN has been caught several times reporting from uncorroborated sources or stating false facts. CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post have also published news where sources have been wrong or had to issue corrections for reporter’s bias.  Even a few reporters have tweeted that it is OK to go with the “feels” as facts.

And let’s not forget the recent publication of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff which has shown to be more “error ridden fictional drama” than of actual factual substance. Indeed, Wolff is having to defend himself more and more from journalists, even those on the left who have stated this will help Trump more than hurt him, than what Wolff has claimed.

The most notable efforts are how the left has hijacked colleges and universities.  Administrations are adding more “studies” courses and degree programs often with no private sector opportunities. Recently, some universities are now requiring courses for degrees in diversity training, white privilege and racial sensitivity, and gender acceptance.

In First Amendment challenges, invited conservative speakers are often hit with large security expenses and other exorbitant fees designed to discourage them from showing up, giving the administration’s the appearance of “promoting free speech” while allowing liberal speakers free access.  Indeed, to march at a university as a leftist, administration and city halls have no problem paying for security. It’s only when a conservative group or speaker appears, they must bear the cost.

Liberals talk about free speech rights, and of course, many other non-enumerated rights such as punching Nazi’s and white supremacists, destroying Starbucks coffee houses during riots, and having workplace or classroom safe spaces. And yet, the talk stops the moment they become offended by someone with very different and rational views.

Snowflake much?

But, you know, Trump colluded with the Russians and influenced the election to keep Hillary out of the White House.


5 thoughts on “Except, there is no collusion

  1. This is exactly why no liberal will sit in the white house until 2024 at the earliest. America on the while has woken up and are sick of snowflakes and their BS. They liberal body is dead but the die hards don’t want to admit it because its still kicking.

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  2. A “false fact?” Otherwise known to ordinary people as a LIE. Don’t use weasel words.”False facts” are lies. The word false does not properly modify a word like facts. Incorrect facts is better. And “Your facts are not the same as my facts” is silly, too. If the Democrats and media get us to start using their terminology, they will win. They have already screwed up the education system to keep people (say it with me!) fat, stupid, and easily led.
    No wonder we can’t have conversations with leftists: they do not use language to illuminate but to obscure.

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