So who are you to believe?


Once again the media wastes no time in showcasing their failings.

Earlier today Senator Dick Durbin went before the cameras to tell the world that President Trump referred to several countries as “shit holes”.  During the same press conference, Durbin stated that “chain migration” referred to slaves in chains. Durbin has been caught lying before and has a credibility problem among some journalists.

President Trump denied saying the word, characterizing the conversations as tough but did not use the language being reported.  CNN reported today that Trump was calling friends and advisers to gauge the perception of the “shit hole” comments after the initial report was released yesterday. Wonder what sources were used for that?

Two GOP Senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue,  both of whom were in the same room as Durbin, didn’t recall any of the comments expressed by Durbin. I would imagine those two would have certainly remembered if those words were uttered.  Leftist media gave them no credence. Wonder why?

And while the left leaning media has run hard on the idea that because Trump may have referred to countries in less than glowing terms, they have characterized his commentary as “racist” (it’s not.) In a counter statement, Trump let it be known he might start recording meetings, something Durbin may want to think about before attending and then commenting in public.

A producer of MSNBC tweeted a story that the US Ambassador to Panama had resigned over Trump’s “shit hole” comments.  However, it was later shown the ambassador had actually submitted his resignation just after Christmas over differences of policy.  The tweet from the producer was later deleted, but not before it had made the rounds in other news outlets.

The NY Times in December ran a story that President Trump had made derogatory remarks about immigrants in a July staff meeting.  The participants all denied the statements, and many questioned why the NY Times waited so long to run it.  What happened before the article?  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed and good news was pouring in from the business community.

Trump received some good news in his efforts to bring people to the table on immigration which caused some within his base to grumble. But when the congressional delegation presented a proposal that Trump didn’t agree with, suddenly, Durbin starts sharing salacious information from a private meeting, similar to what the NY Times did.

And adding more insult, the Wall Street Journal reported today that Trump’s lawyer David Cohen had paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about sexual allegations she supposedly made back in 2006.  Shortly thereafter, both Daniels and Cohen adamantly denied the story, but the CNN, CBS, MSNBC and other leftist outlets are still running with the story.

Even if Trump utters harsh words about other countries, especially illegal and chain migration in a private meeting, he campaigned on reforming the immigration system and has been actively pursuing legislation to fulfill his promises.  In the past, Democrats and the media have claimed GOP obstruction of Obama’s agenda, but it didn’t take long for the Democrats to adopt those principles when it became politically expedient.

And anti-Trump forces have aligned with the Democrats in ensuring anything that may be discussed in private will be leaked, especially if untrue, to bring down the President.

The media continues its rush to report false statements in an effort to establish narratives that reflect negatively on Trump. Democrats don’t seem to have any principles and celebrate them openly.  And yet, the media now wants you to believe them?




3 thoughts on “So who are you to believe?

    • Yep! Even some from Africa have said that Trump speaks the truth. Haiti was fleeced hundreds of millions dollars, a portion of it due to the Clinton Foundation. And yet, Anderson Cooper was in tears about Haiti. He didn’t seem to have the same emotions when the story broke about the Clinton’s dealings in Haiti.

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