He said what?


According to press reports, President Trump made a disparaging remark about certain countries.

From the AP:

Trump reportedly questioned why the U.S. would want to admit more people from “shithole countries.”

Supposedly, this happened during a meeting with Trump and lawmakers working on an immigration deal.

I had no idea Trump knew about the circumstances of a certain someone that lived in a South Carolina extended hotel. That’s pretty low.

6 thoughts on “He said what?

  1. I have been to a few of the countries in question.

    They are shitholes. It’s not racist… it is a fact.

    Why would you leave a great place to try and come the US?

    No, you try and abandon some lawless, corrupt, nasty shithole for a shot at the American dream.

    But let the left keep short stroking their fantasy about having President Trump being impeached, arrested, tortured, etc.

    Watching them come completely unhinged is entertaining.

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    • The problem is that they want to live in America but they want us to adopt the customs and laws that made their countries shitholes to begin with. They don’t want to assimilate anymore.


      • Thankfully there are plenty of immigrants who want to be Americans. Too bad they’re the ones who come legally and become citizens and do assimilate as much as they can.


  2. This comment operates under the same principle as Starfleet General Order One.
    You can say things like this about any country that has no ability whatsoever to strike back, a.k.a. countries of less worth than an effluvium outlet.

    I think DF is incensed over this comment because some of his best friends are shitholes.

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