Self Awareness Fail #128175


Seems as though the bus ride may have jarred the fake Parkinson’s dementia.

Oh, how we have forgotten some of the classics..


Huh. Remember, Bill is a proud member of the Democrat Party and, obviously, embraces its dark history.


9 thoughts on “Self Awareness Fail #128175

  1. There are so many choices for middle names when it comes to this asshole.

    “Valor stealing”
    “Parkinson’s fakng”
    “Turd sniffing”

    But it seems today’s theme is “hypocrite liberal”

    Oh wait, that’s redundancy.

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  2. Lest we forget that he described a female employee of NASA as nothing more then a woman with “an African tinge to her voice”.
    Bill Schmalfeldt is a racist, bigoted asshole.

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