Vexatious ANTIFA Litigants


Yvette Felarca, the middle school teacher and ANTIFA General who offered the defense of “Standing up against fascism and the rise of Nazism and fascism in this country is not a crime” had filed a restraining order against a UC Berkeley conservative student.

She was granted a Temporary Restraining order against Troy Worden, the former head of the Berkeley College Republicans.  She filed for a permanent restraining order later, only to withdraw it before the hearing. Under California law, her withdrawal means that Worden prevailed and is entitled to lawyers fees and court costs.

Commissioner Thomas Rasch ordered Felarca to pay $10,000 in attorney’s fees and $1,100 in court costs. Felarca’s attorney, Shanta Driver, challenged the order saying that any fee was too high since it would set a bad precedent whereby any woman needing a restraining order seeking protection could face a crushing financial burden.

Driver also said Rasch was a political partisan. “This verdict was based on the judge’s decision to support the political views of Troy Worden and the alt-right and that is not acceptable.”

Interesting analysis, considering that Worden’s attorney claimed his work in defending the case amounted to more than $175,000. The Commissioner said the amount was too high.  Even so, it would appear that Felarca attempted to use the courts for vexatious purposes and things didn’t end well for her.  She’s already facing trial on felony counts of inciting riots.

If only a couple of other folks who use the courts system vexatiously would get monetary penalties for their false claims.


3 thoughts on “Vexatious ANTIFA Litigants

  1. There are monetary damages, they are just deadbeats who don’t pay for their stupidity in ANY way, except losing court cases. And looking like idiots to all normal people.

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  2. Reading about Yvette caused me to check in on Eric Clanton aka Bike Lock Scum. He’s the Professor arrested for hitting multiple people over the head with a U-type bike lock at the Bererkely protest(s).

    Alas, no word on Eric Clanton since his initial court appearance. One can only hope he’s brought to justice-

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