Can’t make this up.


Liberals are now Presidential coin designers.

Last week, there was an uproar over the Challenge Coin that was minted for President Trump.  Anyone who knows and understands Trump is that he wants, at least in his eyes, anything with his name on it to be flashy, unique, the most “amazing” thing ever.


So when Trump’s coin was revealed, liberals were all ready to offer their criticisms.

Removed the “e Pluribus Unum” of a coin? A President would do that?

Huh.  Here’s Barack Obama’s Coin.


Anyone see what’s missing?

Of course, there are Trump coins that have Presidential seal intact:

Each President will design one of their own, and Trump is no different.   And yet, Trump Derangement Syndrome takes over.




5 thoughts on “Can’t make this up.

    • Actually, I just did a little research and found that all the Presidential Challenge coins since Truman are based upon the Presidential Coat of Arms and Seal, not the national seal. Hence, why the motto is absent on them.

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  1. What the heck do they care? They bad-mouth and portray us (the military past and present) as killbots and mercenaries. Like they give a flying fuck about any of us.

    Snowflakes, indeed.

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