Liberals after Alabama Election


So Judge Roy Moore couldn’t generate the kind of turnout Donald Trump did during the 2016 Presidential election and ended up losing to Democrat Doug Jones for the remainder of Jeff Sessions senate seat.

Democrats have been spiking the football and running laps around the track that a heavily Republican state like Alabama couldn’t stomach an accused child molester keeping the seat in Republican hands.  Other Democrats are gloating about their power to get out the vote and turn the state blue, even though the other seat is held by a Republican.

The race was so close that the write in candidates garnered slightly more votes than Jones’ margin of victory.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if you think that reads as a great “victory” while leaving your coffers with scant resources for use in the fast approaching midterms, you should probably re-examine your life.


It was clear that neither candidate was a good choice for Alabama so many stayed home. My mother lives in Alabama and she chose not to participate. Instead, like many of her friends, she is choosing to make her voice heard in the upcoming election.

Senator Chuck Schumer decided that the Republican Tax Reform bill awaiting a final vote should be delayed until Doug Jones is seated, saying the voters of Alabama have spoken and they deserved to be heard.  Apparently, he thinks Jones agrees that American’s don’t want a tax cut.


Stupidly, he is attempting to apply the rules of play Republicans used in not confirming Obama’s Supreme Court appointment to the seat left vacant by the unexpected passing of Justice Antonin Scalia.  The process of choosing successors is very different for Congress than it is for a constitutional appointment.  You would think Schumer would get that.

He also has a very short memory: The ACA was passed without a single Republican vote, and Republican objections to the legislation were met with “Elections have consequences.”  Every Democrat is now on record as saying they are voting against American taxpayers to keep more of their money.  Will be interesting to see what kind of consequences those up for re-election in red states will face from their constituents.

I would imagine if the Schumer was on the other foot, he’d have an entirely different take on the situation.

6 thoughts on “Liberals after Alabama Election

  1. This election proved nothing more than if you can smear your opponent enough you can get your shitty guy into power. They didn’t win because they made a persuasive argument for their position. They didn’t win because people didn’t like Moore’s policy positions. They won because they were able to keep the media, and hence the electorate, focused on 40 year old unproven claims about Moore’s sexual past. The problem with that strategy is that 1) It can be used against you in the next election. 2) The next R running for the seat will be so well vetted that there is no chance of using that tactic again and then you have to run on your policies.

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    • I have a post I have been working on in regards to the Democrats changing the rules and making sexual misconduct allegations a disqualifier.

      I’m of the belief that Dems are creating their own quagmire for all the years they’ve been pushing the “War on Women” from Republicans when actually, the casualties are caused from the Democrat side.

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    • Another part of the problem is that Moore’s attempt to fight the allegations was…well…pathetic. You really shouldn’t go on Hannity to explain that you didn’t date underage girls and that you always asked their mothers. You shouldn’t blame women who come out to accuse you on the queers. You shouldn’t claim that your relationship with a girl was totally on the up and up and then deny ever having known her. The only people who did a worse job of speaking for Moore than Moore were the people he hired to speak for him.

      It’s bad enough that Republicans didn’t turn out for him. It’s even worse that apparently enough Republicans to have given him the win turned out just to write someone else in.

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    • The next R running for the seat will be so well vetted that there is no chance of using that tactic again and then you have to run on your policies.

      No chance of using that tactic again? So every charge is true and nobody makes up false charges of rape and sexual harassment? If anything, this has taught the Democrats to sling mud, even if false, because it is extremely effective. (This is not meant to be a comment on the honesty or dishonesty of Roy Moore’s accusers.)

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  2. Well, well, well……. A Dem WOMAN forced to quit over old sex allegations. And of course she says, “For me, that means a vindictive, terminated employee’s false allegations are enough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to decide not to support our promising campaign. We are in a national moment where rough justice stands in place of careful analysis, nuance and due process.”

    I’ll bet no one can find one time she spoke up for careful analysis and due process for Moore.

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