Except for one thing..


You would think someone would try not to say something so stupid, but this is Schmalfeldt we’re talking about.

His last two restraining orders were from women he’s forcefully harassed.

Perhaps he meant “forced himself sexually” on a woman, but when he filed a civil libel suit against someone who charged that Schmalfeldt raped someone, he later dismissed that suit with prejudice, effectively admitting the defamatory claims were true.  Certainly, he can’t sue again for those same claims.

It’s like, you know, he can’t keep track of his lies when he says things that pander to others.



6 thoughts on “Except for one thing..

  1. 26. Co-defendant “Howard Earl” has published multiple defamatory
    statements and images regarding plaintiff, referring to him as a wife abuser, demanding
    that he kill himself EXHIBIT L
    43. Co-defendant “Howard Earl” has a four-year long record of harassing
    plaintiff placing him in false light, proclaiming him to be a Wife abuser, publishing
    graphic images demanding plaintiff kill himself.


    This Court’s previous Order (ECF#45) GRANTED the Pro Se Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss and contained a section listing findings of fact which included reference to Defendants not having filed an Answer. Presently pending before this Court is the Motion of the Pro Se Defendant Scott Hinckley to Strike That Order and Issue a New Order (ECF#47) clarifying that an Answer had in fact been filed. No opposition has been filed to this motion.

    Accordingly, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED this 6th day of June, 2016 that this Motion (ECF#47) is GRANTED and the Dismissal of this Action WITH PREJUDICE shall be MODIFIED to reflect that an Answer was filed by the Defendants. This case shall remain CLOSED and DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

    Richard D. Bennett
    United States District Judge

    Looks like he has admitted to having all sorts of experience with women.

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