I didn’t realize this was even a thing.


It would seem that the media wants to make sure all of its irrational fears have adequate safeguards in place.

I was reading this article from CBS News of an interview with General John Hayton, Commander of the US Strategic Command, and began to wonder if, in fact, the media has lost its marbles.

That would imply that current media has marbles to begin with, but let’s just run with this for the moment.

In this article, they asked the hard questions to top military commanders because President Trump holds the nuclear football…



he has the codes.


Essentially, the story is presented that if military personnel are given what they perceive to be an “illegal” nuclear launch order, they would refuse it.  Gen Hayton even said he would try and look for other solutions.

Note that it is the duty of any US military personnel to disobey an unlawful order. Military personnel are not puppets or robots to the President, but you know, this is the press we’re talking about.

The implication here is that Trump may wake up one day, read a really bad tweet from an adversary, and angrily decide he’s had enough and order a nuclear strike in a dramatic “I’ll show him who he is messin’ with!” moment.

And the only barrier we have is a four-star general sitting in Omaha, Nebraska, whose solution will be to tell the President not to take Twitter seriously. Or something.

General Hayton made sure to explain there is a much more defined process designed to ensure that nuclear missiles won’t be flying because of a social media spat.  That should make people feel better.

Assuming liberals get past the headline.  That may be asking too much.



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