Project much?


It seems as though someone doesn’t realize just how much he reveals about his motives.



In other words, Pablo doesn’t want to be a drain on society, a most noble virtue.

Pablo also doesn’t fake a disability.  Most people with disabilities would rather not have them and not use them as an excuse or a weapon.

Everyone should be like Pablo.

Schmalfeldt, not so much.


8 thoughts on “Project much?

  1. Nothing pisses off us cripples more than someone faking it in an effort to get some sort of advantage, be it a blue parking placard or whatever.

    Well, there’s one thing that pisses me off more – someone pretending to be a disabled veteran.

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    • I’ll be honest, I kind of like my blue parking placard. But I’d give it up in a heart beat if I could also give up all the stuff that got me that placard, like the knee which randomly dumps me on the ground even when it’s having a good day, and the permanent aches/pains/limp which go with it.

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  2. Yes, DUMBFUCK. You are a net liability. You are a drain on society with no redeeming value, save the comedy of your monkeydancing. The only thing you have on me is at least 18 inches of waist size and a mountain of legal failure.

    While we’re talking, DUMBFUCK, please stop posting pictures of that hideous beast you rub your useless pecker on. No, not the cat, the other one. You’re scaring the children. Again.

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