Fun Fact of the Day


From the “Been there, done that” department..

Running out of gas on the German Autobahn is illegal. Walking along the Autobahn is also illegal, especially if you run out of gas.  It was DM250 ($140) when it happened to me back in 1994.


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. Never did the drive along the corridor through East Germany from West Germany to West Berlin back in the day but my understanding is that you didn’t want to get a flat tire on that trip.

    Getting there too fast would get you a speeding ticket; getting there too slow would get you arrested for spying.

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    • I did that drive three times. First time, I picked up my car from the Bremerhaven port to drive to Berlin, and when I had to stop at the Soviet checkpoint, I went to the wrong door. The guy pointed me around to another door while the Soviet guard walked around my car. I arrived on the other side about 10 minutes after the earliest I could, but they had me wait about 20 minutes.

      The next two times were uneventful, but I ended up using the train when I travelled. That was more fun because it was an overnight trip The family and I would go on weekends to Frankfurt for shopping before returning.

      Had a lot of good memories, and left Berlin in 1994..


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