Take me out to the Ballgame


I do enjoy when certain smug individuals living in extended motels run their mouths about the scoreboards.

So you’re saying in this scorecard, the game was lost 0-12?

OK, well check out how you’re doing with these scoreboards:

Some advice for the fail whale..


[Update – the original image of the Sonoran Conservative Scoreboard did not include a member of TFS in the player stats: Grace. This has been corrected to accurately reflect all players named in LOLSuits. My apologies for the oversight – mj]

57 thoughts on “Take me out to the Ballgame

  1. Living in a flophouse with a Downsy-looking transvestite? Yeah, I guess that I can’t really argue with his “winning.”

    Broadway Bill is a really poor man’s Charlie Sheen, only with more obvious psychopathy and outward signs of HIV.

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  2. “Update – the original image of the Sonoran Conservative Scoreboard did not include a member of TFS in the player stats: Grace. This has been corrected to accurately reflect all players named in LOLSuits. My apologies for the oversight – mj]”

    #WINNING 😎

    No apologies necessary, my friend.

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  3. Those pics confirm one thing….Dumbfuck may have won the case, but he is still a fuckin’ loser at life.

    Put that in your folder, bitchfist.

    Just waiting for the Feltdown when he goes to 0-8. LULZ muscles are in top form.

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    • Yep, and nothing changed in his life.

      He still rents a room in an extended stay hotel.

      He is pinning his hope in a poorly written complaint to deliver him from his own bad choices.

      He celebrated by buying a new wheelchair that makes him.. uh.. what.. more mobile?

      He doesn’t have a job to go to.

      He still receives a taxpayer funded retirement because he chose not to plan for the future.

      He’s made plans to build mansions off people who openly question his Parkison’s diagnosis for which he’s never offered positive proof – EVER.

      So yeah, him and his band of merry misfits are all high-fiving each other for escaping judgment, but the judge made findings which will come back to haunt them. I can totally see why someone like him should be bragging.

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      • I have a different take.

        Bill, you won. You won big. I myself didn’t see this coming even though ‘but Maryland-‘ was in the back of my mind. You can see I foreshadowed that this last weekend if you check the comments on Hogewash.

        You were right and I was wrong.

        Time for you to double down. Triple down. Go nuclear on all their asses Big Dog. Scorch the earth. Doxx those you can and use DISCOVERY to get the others. There IS a organization. There IS a membership list. All you have to do is COMPEL production of same. There’s been a monstrous amount of communication in the background that’s never appeared on any of the blogs. All of this is coordinated. Recall Brett pursued the RICO angle? His instincts were right. Bill, you should go for RICO too. Now.

        When you get the transcripts please, I implore you, make sure you not only GLOAT (righteously, because you were RIGHT!) but that you comment copiously. Throw it in their faces. Never have so many been wrong about so much. It’s up to YOU, Bill Schmalfeldt, to ensure that scoreboard is preserved for posterity. And/or as long as the internet lives. You know you’re right. Let’s get it out there.

        All the past PLM about you owning houses and wives and stuff… That’s doable. Well, the real estate part is doable but probably not the people. IANAL. But if you wound up with 4 houses (Hoge, Krendler, MJ and SPQR) that’s some decent coin. Key word is ‘equity.’ Oh! And Worthing too. That’s 5 houses- Look- All this Hoge-related stuff is a sideshow, right? What if you had enough money to seriously go after Trump? Pull strings, fund protests, print pamphlets. Stuff like that.

        Writing this because I myself want to be on the winning side. Winning. I’m not there yet but wow have you, and Judge Hecker, moved the needle. For me.

        I’m a realist.

        Don’t give up. Never quit. You’re right and all the rest of these people are wrong. Every damned one of them. But you’ve known that all along…

        Now go do the right thing.

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        • PS.

          Ummm… Bill, if you didn’t like the way my B-17 piece ended let me know. Admittedly, it was inconclusive at the end. Originally intended to follow it up but lack of response from the Lickspittle community made me decide, ‘Nah-‘

          I can do better. Think I need to drink less. Tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow. That’s the ticket.

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  4. DUMBFUCK, you were hiding under a rented bed. You didn’t stomp a damned thing, mostly because you’re a thoroughly useless cripple. Have you forgotten so soon?

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    • “We”?

      Does anybody have any of Bill’s tweets where he denies he knows Brett, he isn’t his “excellent friend” and “there is no Team Kimberlin”?

      We, indeed. You stepped in it again, lumpy. Has there ever been a time in your life where you didn’t lie continuously?

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        • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has gone back-and-forth numerous times throughout the years… everything from he barely knows the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin and there is no Team Kimberlin to referring to the dwarf felon as an “excellent friend” and creating “Team Kimberlin” merchandise for sale.

          Consistency isn’t The Blob’s strong suit.

          Notice with the dismissal of the counts in Hoge v Kimberlin et al… The Blob cannot stop referring to the tiny terrorist as his “friend” again – over and over and over and over again.

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