I thought you wanted a jury trial?


Schmalfeldt wants the Judge to rule on his case, right now.

Conclusion on page 12 from his memorandum of law..

Before making a decision whether or not to dismiss Plaintiff’s case for any reason, this honorable Court should review the contents of the blogs of Defendant Hoge2, Defendant Palmer3, and Defendant Grady4, paying particular attention to the comment sections for each blog post. Then the Court should ask whether this sort of blatant defamation, harassment, misconduct and invasion of a private citizen’s privacy should be allowed to happen to a law-abiding resident of any state, not just the forum state of South Carolina.

Let me see if I understand this:

You want the Judge to go read the blogs of your defendants and then peruse the comments section looking to see if you have a valid complaint for butthurt, and then rule in your favor?

Surprised he didn’t ask the Judge to use a specific color hood for the executioner.

This tweet is even funnier:

3 thoughts on “I thought you wanted a jury trial?

  1. “Judgey poo, I really need to you go check out all the stuff I simply can’t ignore, said by people I’m not suing and decide that I am so butthurt that you should give me ALL THE THINGS!!!”

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    • Denial isn’t just a river of fear pee.

      On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 9:19 PM Sonoran Conservative wrote:

      > ameryx commented: “In the Memorandum of Law, we find this: “Plaintiff and > his fiancé”. Not “fiancée”? Is Plaintiff telling us something?” >

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