BU Editor to experience severe PLM

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Billy Boy Unread editor Bill Schmalfeldt has responded to the Defendants’ Motions.

And it’s hilarious.







For example – here is an argument he is making:

The Defendants Are Attempting to Throw Cold Water on Plaintiff’s Argument for Specific Personal Jurisdiction by Focusing on Allegations Made for Actions Taken Against Plaintiff Before He Moved to South Carolina in April 2017

No seriously, he is stating that South Carolina long arm statute should apply to claims before he moved to.. South Carolina.

In other words, even if the butthurt was in Wisconsin, Maryland, or wherever, it still hurts in South Carolina.

In his words:

Stretch your lulz muscles and read the links in Item 46






5 thoughts on “BU Editor to experience severe PLM

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt is too DUMB to know just how DUMB he is. I knew he wouldn’t take the time to research his response, maybe even speak with an actual attorney, before he filed a bunch of gibberish. Dumbf@#ks gotta ……….

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  2. The way you conclude any writing whether it be a motion, blog post, thesis is you want to close strong in your conclusion. Not this guy. In his conclusion he destroys his own jurisdiction arguments with a nuclear bomb sure to catch the attention of the magistrate and clerks. In his final paragraph he asks the 4th circuit to do what no court has ever done before blowing up precedent and risk reversal to grant specific personal jurisdiction in his case. He destroyed all his arguments prior in his conclusion.

    I don’t follow the case all that close but isn’t the Judge in charge of the magistrate a Republican appointed judge? I doubt a conservative judge wants to be “progressive” and untie some poorly plead gordion knot. Even if the judge was to be sympathetic to internet jurisprudence being lacking in this area Mr. Schmalfeldt’s complaint wouldn’t be the vehicle for any intelligent judge to push such boundaries in law.

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  3. “[Kimberlin] has nothing to do with the instant suit….”

    Other than ghost writing motions and memoranda of law?

    Brett has repeatedly accused Aaron of ghost writing legal papers for John.

    According to http://www.thenarcissisticpersonality.com/narcissistic-ploys/ :

    “Whenever a narcissistic partner accuses you of something, it’s because that is exactly what he’s up to at that moment in his life. If you pay attention to this, you will see that it is fool-proof. Oftentimes, we’re too busy getting hysterical over a narcissist’s ludicrous accusation to stop and and listen to exactly what he’s saying. And while an N will never admit to a wrongdoing, he will, in fact, accuse you of what he happens to be doing. Quietly consider every accusation as an admission and do your investigation from there. Trust me, it works.”

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