Stupid and Quicksand don’t mix.


In the movie “The Replacements”, Coach Ginty asked the players in a meeting to discuss their fears. The players, all replacements on a professional football team, were still learning how to come together as a team. The discussion started as fears of spiders and bees.   Then, quarterback Shane Falco said “Quicksand.”  After a bit of confusion from Franklin, he explains it like this:

“You’re playing, and you think everything is going fine.

And then one thing goes wrong.

And then another.

And another.

And you try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink.

Until you can’t move..

can’t breathe..

because you’re in over your head.

Like quicksand. ”

[At the 1:45 mark]


In the end, Falco becomes the hero and gets the girl. This is because he was a smart man who understood his limits and did the hard work to win. He was not proud, did not blame anyone else, and took responsibility for his actions.

A certain individual has chosen to file a Federal LOLSuit in South Carolina for tortuous butthurt. He took the field with a very bad game plan.

Each time he runs a play, he’s losing ground.

After he filed his initial complaint, and the court had yet to complete its review, he filed a First Amended Complaint. It was not in proper form, and he was admonished for emailing the Judge (fifteen yard penalty).

Once he was given the go ahead to proceed, he then harassed Sarah Palmer and ended up with a restraining order after actually admitting in court he harassed her. He sunk his own ship while wailing about his “right to know” things he had no right to know.

Because stupid was now in full swing, he decided to amend his complaint again after John Hoge was served. The new amendment added anonymous defendants without attaching any claims to them. He added a new count of Abuse of Process for Sarah Palmer so he could litigate his failing at the No Contact Order hearing.

After spiking the ball on the field with his new complaint, the Court decided to issue yet another penalty.  The anonymous defendant’s had to be served, but he could not file anything else with the court until he could PROVE via the Certificate of Service each defendant, including the anonymous ones were served with the new filing.

So now, deep in his own territory, he’s going for the hail mary and going to name the anonymous defendants to file with the US Marshal’s service.   The court can then decide if it will have the new defendants served.

Except he did one really stupid thing.  He told the other team his play, and blamed the other team for having to call it.


In his stupidity to name the anonymous defendants, one of them is yours truly. I had already explained what happens if he calls that play.

His complaint makes no specific allegation towards me or any of the other anonymous parties he names. He’s doing it for spite because he keeps doing dumb things and can’t stand that people are laughing at him.

And he wants me in the game.

This is not Hoge’s fault. This is his fault because he is very stupid. No amount of reasoning will ever change that.   He is in over his head.

And, there will be no escaping the quicksand.


22 thoughts on “Stupid and Quicksand don’t mix.

  1. He was going to have a hard time with even just one defendant. Now he wants to add 6 more? For what? For this imaginary tort of butt hurt?

    This new FAC/SAC/TAC is going to be epic! Perhaps I should see about getting some supplemental LULZ insurance.

    Liked by 8 people

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  3. In Reality Bill is demonstrating that stupidity and quicksand mix very, very well. I doubt he’ll enjoy the resulting mixture all that much though.

    Liked by 9 people

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