Pro Se Decision Making

A certain Pro Se Plaintiff is trying to sue everyone in the US District Court in Florence, South Carolina.  Recent events have gotten me to try and understand the thought process that is going on inside this man’s brain:


Here’s what I’ve come up with.  It appears to be a closed loop system, feeding on its own power of stupid.


One thing is for sure: It’s destined to collapse from its monumental failure.

11 thoughts on “Pro Se Decision Making

  1. I take back what I said previously about Bill. I said he’s never done anything worthwhile in his life, but be has managed to stimulate the formation of some very, very entertaining bloggers.

    Well done Bill!

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  2. Diseased Willy has never fully disclosed the full range of his thought until MJ teased it out.

    There CAN be Yes branches in a Feldtchart provided they eventually get you back to where you would have got by taking the No branch. Very subtle. If Witless ever figures out how to attach it to a machine, he will have the first working perpetual motion machine.

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