Just because you’re a Pro Se Plaintiff

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Schmalfeldt has a new blog!  He’s added a soon to be deleted web space to document his journey as a Pro-Se Plaintiff in his federal lawsuit to fight back against all his haters, defamers and libelers.

No really, he made a federal case out of it..

If you are new to this saga, Bill wants you to believe that he is a private citizen on the receiving end of unjust and unwanted harassment from a bunch of right wing nut jobs!

Nevermind that he’s been suing people for the last five or so years and utterly failing.  And more importantly, harassing people for almost twenty years and can barely hold a job for for more than two because the people he works with can’t stand him.

DCoHLlEWAAEjSxKI became involved because I snagged an undignified picture of him (on the right) that his girlfriend shared on Twitter. So he decided to doxx me by portraying me as a convicted child rapist.

[Note:  There are legal ramifications to his doxxing activities that may come later.]


One of the latest spewings on his crisp, new blog is that he wants continuous communication via email with the attorney of one defendant who has been served.  The others are still awaiting service.  He thinks he’s established a “gentleman’s” relationship and is owed some sort of courtesy.

“Part of the agreement with local attorney Louis Nettles, the gentleman handling the litigation of defendant WJJ Hoge III in my Federal Lawsuit, for the acceptance of service by e-mail was his requirement that service will not be deemed effective until the e-mail is acknowledged by the recipient.

Yesterday, after hand-delivering my Motion for Leave to File a Second Amended Complaint, the Proposed SAC, a redlined version of the SAC and a proposed Order approving the SAC, I e-mailed my copies to Mr. Nettles.

No response.

I downloaded the documents and e-mailed them to Mr. Nettles this afternoon.

Still, no response.

I know he’s not getting paid for representing Hoge. But how long does it take to answer an e-mail?

As he has been admonished by both the District Court of South Carolina, and Judge Hecker in a Maryland Court, he has yet to avail himself of actually reading and understanding the published rules of civil and local procedure for each court of his current litigation.

In the District Court of South Carolina, under Local Rule 5.02, the Clerk uses the PACER system for electronic filing.  Local Rule 5.05 says that electronic Notice of Electronic Filing constitutes service for attorneys in their cases assigned under PACER.  This means that once a document has been scanned in by personnel in the Clerk’s office, the attorney representing a party on PACER has been served.   Mr. Nettles, the attorney for John Hoge, does not need to interact with Schmalfeldt.

Although it’s never a bad idea to send a motion to the attorney,  via US Mail – just in case, Mr. Nettles most likely already received notification, and therefore there was no reason for Schmalfeldt to do anything.  Even funnier, he didn’t send the original docs; he DOWNLOADED them from PACER.. yes.. from PACER.. yes, where Mr. Nettles would already receive his copy… and emailed them to the attorney. No really, he did that.

So as usual, Schmalfeldt is whining that Hoge’s attorney is not being responsive to him on his timetable. Then on his podcast, he says this:

Really?  He thinks his legal acumen is so on par with the experience of Mr. Nettles that Nettles, reading his new motion and amended complaint, is actually considering backing out?


But even worse is Schmalfeldt’s envy of John Hoge and how much weight it bears on his point. I don’t believe that John Hoge has ever divulged his wealth.  I would think he lives comfortably from a successful life, but I don’t know him personally. It’s not one of those things that matter to me.   I would think any decent person would see Hoge as an honorable man regardless of his personal fortune.

To Schmalfeldt, though, Hoge represents everything he isn’t and it shows in rather dripping irony that he seems to think that Hoge should have gotten more experienced representation that would be worthy of Schmalfeldt as an opponent.

Keep in mind that Schmalfeldt called Aaron Walker the “World’s Worst Attorney” in the Wisconsin lawsuit and Walker’s Motion To Dismiss made quick work of Schmalfeldt’s case.  Schmalfeldt has been on record stating the current Maryland suit filed by Hoge, in which Schmalfeldt as a defendant is heading to trial, is also a result of Walker’s work.

Even if that were true, wouldn’t that mean Schmalfeldt going to trial still represents a failure on Schmalfeldt’s part to convince the Judge to dismiss that case?

Despite the Wisconsin Gambit being a setback, or rather one in a long list of setbacks, he still hasn’t learned a thing. His current federal case suffers from the same defects as all the previous ones.  This latest attempt to rehabilitate his case introduced even more defects and a lot of serious laughing and lulz sprains to those watching closely.

Poor Neal.  That man may need a Gofundme just to get him some rehab equipment.

Anyway, the fact that Schmalfeldt doesn’t want to see his repeated failures and learn from them shows just how entrenched the stupid is in this man. The only upside is that there will be more pointing and mockery as we watch this trainwreck in real time.

Oh, and one more thing for hilarity.  In the Second Amended Complaint, he added a count for Sarah Palmer only because she got a restraining order against him in North Carolina.  He decided to show up and defend himself.  And in presenting his case, he unintentionally made sure Judge Brown would rule against him.  So he’s adding a count for “Abuse of Process”.

I need another heating pad for my lower lulz muscles.



23 thoughts on “Just because you’re a Pro Se Plaintiff

    oh man…even with stretching the lulz muscles, after reading his latest tragi-comedy he thinks is a viable lawsuit, I’m pretty sure I pulled a couple.

    Seriously though, he’s got to be trying to get his own case dismissed, that’s the way any of what he put in the SAC makes any sort of sense.

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      • First, if a DUMBFUCK read the rules, he’d know that actual lawyers are supposed to limit their interactions with a pro se because of the presumption that a pro se might be functionally retarded and therefore subject to undue influence. Soon, the courts will refer to it as “The Schmalfeldt Schmaleldt Rule.”

        Then there’s the history, Way back in the more innocent time of Lulzsuit IV, a retired attorney told Drunkenstein what motions he would be filing if that abortion were allowed to continue. The response? Howling about “EXTORTION!”

        I wouldn’t be surprised id Mr. Nettles hasn’t been briefed by his clients about that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t read Lulzsuits i-VII by now, and decided to reinforce the The Schmaleldt Rule.”

        By the way, how do we know that counsel has agreed to anything with Oliver Wendell Jones? He hasn’t published the emails to prove anything, so he’s probably lying. Or drunk. Or both.

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        • I’m certain that Mr. Nettles is very aware of the antics by Schmalfeldt as well as his history. Knowing John Hoge, I’m certain that meeting was quite informative.

          And I would wager that DUMBFUCK sent an email with a list of demands for Mr. Nettles to follow and that Mr. Nettles probably only sent back, “I acknowledge receipt of your email” which DUMBFUCK probably took as “I agree, you have great ideas!”

          If Mr. Nettles has minimal contact with said DUMBFUCK, I foresee a bar complaint on the horizon, probably by Friday.

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  2. Ah the good old days when Bill tried to convince a court that Aaron was such a horrible lawyer that he should be prevented from representing the defendants in Bill’s lawsuit. Shortly after which Aaron kicked Bill’s ass sideways in that lawsuit and sent him scurrying back under his porch. Good times.

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  3. I don’t hand out the “put in jail” remark lightly. The reluctance to put a burdensome sick person in jail is pretty high – see Frisch, even when she was clearly violating criminal law. But eventually that hurdle gets overcome because the history is so clear, the futility of other measures clear, and there isn’t any other way to make them stop.

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  4. If I were WJJH I’d instruct my lawyer, Mr. Nettles, that he accept NOTHING via e-mail. Certified mail only. Certified copies if possible. Screened by HAZMAT, certainly-

    Team Kimberlin HAS occasionally displayed a predilection for forgery.

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    • That’s a reason to accept nothing by mail or hand delivery. Wait for PACER.

      On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 12:07 PM, Sonoran Conservative wrote:

      > w commented: “If I were WJJH I’d instruct my lawyer, Mr. Nettles, that he > accept NOTHING via e-mail. Certified mail only. Certified copies if > possible. Screened by HAZMAT, certainly- Team Kimberlin HAS occasionally > displayed a predilection for forgery.” >

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