Famous Words from Abraham Lincoln


He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” – Abraham Lincoln, quoted here.

Here is where it appears, in somewhat paraphrased form..

Here is the profile it was referring..

He’s not a lawyer.  He’s just a schlub! He wants people to leave him alone.  Yet, he successfully accumulated 12 restraining orders from various states across the country.  He’s so mad, he’s suing!  And doing so very poorly.

Bill should have listened to Abraham Lincoln, if he actually knew it was Lincoln who uttered those prophetic words.

In the meantime,

2 thoughts on “Famous Words from Abraham Lincoln

  1. I really like the abuse of process claim.

    It’s an abuse of process because, first, I did not bother to show up in state court in North Carolina and lost, and then, second, I did show up in state court in North Carolina and STILL lost. This is obviously improper: no matter what I do, I lose. It’s heads I lose or tails you win in North Carolina. Both times the only evidence against me is unrebutted testimony from a WOMAN about her emotional state, which clearly I comprehend better than she ever can. She needs to be hauled to court in South Carolina because (a) such a loss causes me emotional distress, and (b) the South Carolina long arm statute clearly says that South Carolina is the only proper forum if the last person to be distressed, namely me, resides in that state. (Moreover, if that bimbo claims my seeking to relitigate a case covered by res judicata distresses her and so demands removal to North Carolina, that removal would further distress me and force immediate removal back to South Carolina.)

    Reasoning like that is not taught to lawyers who graduated from college, graduated from law school, and then passed the bar. Nope. It is the brilliance of a pro se that spews such cogitations upon an astonished world.

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    • Listening to his podcast, there is a snippet in there that I will make another post about that runs along these lines. I am not shocked that he believes he is an equal to those in the legal profession simply because he has the title “Plaintiff, Pro-Se” in a Federal lawsuit.

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