Sunday Blessings


This week, I give thanks to the many new faces who have supported me and my fellow bloggers in our efforts to bring light to the misdeeds and brass knuckles litigation of Team Kimbergarten.  Thank you for all the well wishes and support.

My penance this week was to help my neighbor who lives down the street.

Mickie, is a 4 foot 8 inch, 91 year old woman who lives by herself.   While she may be very tiny, she is a sharp and very stubborn woman.  She also has a wonderful smile.  A bit frisky, she and I exchange flirty responses when we see each other.

Mickie is also a very proud woman and yet, she can barely take care of herself.  She refuses to entertain the idea of an assisted living facility.  Her family lives far away and so me and the neighbors all pitch in to help her when our mutual neighbor, Selenna, asks.

Earlier in the week, she was in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat.   I hadn’t known about it until Selenna, flagged me down as I was leaving the neighborhood to run an errand.  After she explained she needed my help in bring her home, I immediately changed my plans.  Selenna wanted me to help carry her into the bathroom when she got home so she didn’t have to walk.  Mickie was very frail.

Selenna called me five minutes out so I walked over to her driveway and waited until the car drove up.  Apparently, Mickie’s stubbornness was at its peak because Selenna had to convince her to let me carry her in.  Mickie only relented because it was very hot – the temperature was 112.

After getting her out of the car and adjusting the oxygen tanks for Selenna to follow me, I picked Mickie up and carried her in.  The entire time she was crying.  She felt humiliated.  Once inside, I immediately put her down and hugged her, and then she held my arm as we walked slowly to the bathroom.

Selenna chastised me for putting Mickie down in the doorway rather than taking her straight to the bathroom. I just smiled.  Mickie wanted some dignity and who was I to deny that when it was better to be in the cool indoors to walk than spending five minutes out in the hot sun?

I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel that your independence is leaving you because your body just can’t do it anymore.   She has always been a strong, independent woman.  She doesn’t want to depend on anyone.   She refuses to let someone come over and help her clean, cook and do laundry.

After a while, I went back to check on her and she was doing better.  She was watching TV and the volume was about 10 levels too high for an average person.  The TV speakers really suck and so I decided to address this.

I went back and got a pair of small speakers I had from a leftover receiver that no longer works.   I wired them to her TV and mounted them on the wall behind the chair she watches from.  The quality was much better and so the volume didn’t have to be nearly as high.  She seemed to enjoy me wiring it all up.   She made some rather sexist comments. I just smiled.

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished so she put together a small list of things that needed to be done and handed them over to Selenna who promptly came by and delivered it me.  I’m now the favorite handyman.

I do enjoy listening to Mickie’s stories and the banter we have when I’m there.  Sadly, I can’t spend all day with her because I know she gets lonely.  However, I truly do admire that she doesn’t want me to view her as incapable despite her frail disposition.  Anything I can do to make it easier for her to live on her own is worth the effort since it keeps her happy.

I am truly thankful for meeting her.  My life has certainly been enriched.  Penance served.

Sostegno e aiuto a persone anziane





6 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings

  1. “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    A small gesture, that most likely makes a huge difference.

    I am so proud to call you brother.

    ~damn dust in my eyes~

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