Some Renovations to the Place!

LogoI made some changes to the site to make it look a lot cleaner.  Hadn’t had any complaints with the old style, but I needed a new look.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free.

You can also complain or whine, but the engineering team is a .. well, surly bunch.  But I’ll pass your.. uh.. comments along accordingly.

Thanks very much for all my readers!  You are truly appreciated.



13 thoughts on “Some Renovations to the Place!

  1. Place has that new carpet and paint smell. Won’t be long before it’s sullied with the stench of cigars and whiskey I’d imagine.

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  2. Wow, big improvement!

    Those scary doxing skills of one Wee Willy sure get RESULTS! He managed to increase the number of websites devoted to chronicling his misdeeds by around 20% or so. A few more years of his efforts and Bill Schmalfeldt mockery will be its own internet genre, like cat videos and porn.

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