Lying, Deranged Cyberstalker


A Deranged Cyberstalker is suing a few folks in what is affectionately called, “LOLSuit VIII: Avoiding Contact” because the butthurt boils are really itchy.

In its suit, it makes the following claim:


Deranged is not a legal status or a diagnosis.  No one has ever accused him of being arrested, much less convicted of, cyberstalking.   Is it a reasonable opinion to come to that conclusion that he is a liar and a deranged cyberstalker?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury,  what is presented here shows conclusively that the plaintiff’s claims are frivolous.  He is suing because he is the person people describe him to be in his own words and actions, documented by himself.

Let’s start with what he presented.

It makes this comment on Twitter.

Let’s look at the facts before this statement.

It wants to know where she lives.

It thinks it’s an officer of the court now.

And now it’s come up with a new tactic:  The subject lied.

Not responding fast enough?  Time for some threats.

It decides to stalk some more.

It wants an answer and now.

During this time, it made attempts to contact both the victim directly and through family members.  Unsatisfied, it now was going to attempt to influence her by calling law enforcement.

It decides to stalk some more.

It threatens with more demands.

Now it makes false and libelous statements.

Now back to “She needs to come clean” or else.

Now, it’s PUBLISHING libel as a reporter.

It changes tactics and now becomes a victim.

Nevermind that she had asked it to never contact her, but it insists on the whole, “This is criminal and I have my rights.”

Angry that it isn’t getting any results, it decides to contact the police.

Image of email allegedly sent to Law Enforcement with some extortion sprinkled in.

Now, some more libel when there isn’t any more traction

Back to being a victim.

Consequence if she doesn’t obey.

Try being a victim again.

When it thinks it’s victim is going to attempt another restraining order, it promises to appear and defend itself.

And now it starts lying about going.

And now lying about its threats and how helpless it is.

Let’s look for some more butthurt.

Lies some more about going or not.

It is now back to being a victim:

Snubbing its nose at the process.

And it hurts to go so now it’s not going.

As you can see, the defendants all have shown that their opinions of this man are indeed true.  He made all those statements, used his own words, acted on his own volition.

Truth is an absolute defense, and the truth is here for all to see.

I now ask for you to return your verdicts in favor of the Defendants.

Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Lying, Deranged Cyberstalker

  1. Drunkenstein convinced me that he was “a crazed lunatic” years ago.

    And nothing makes me smile more than “Or do I have to make a big deal out this and go to the media?” After all, that tactic has had so much success in the past.

    Last I heard, Facebook is doing just fine.

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  2. Just to clarify, Bill tries to excuse his behavior claiming he has a right to harass“contact” Ash because he is currently suing her.
    But, read his own words… none of it had anything to do with the current lawsuit.
    Instead he’s going on about her previous Ro against him. As if complaining about it now will change the past.
    The reality is that Bill has chosen to use his ridiculous lawsuit, as an illegitimate reason to continue harassing someone, whom he has already been told by the courts to leave alone once, and we’ll probably have to be told again.

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    • His view is that she didn’t do what he believes she should have, and doesn’t realize his view means diddly squat both in law and to rational people. And what he doesn’t realize is that people can and should ignore his threats and nonsense. He’s stupid and can’t distance himself at all from it, and not because he’s unable to run.

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      • He also believes that whatever harebrained scheme he comes up with is the truth and everyone else is lying. Bill thinks she moved. He found a sketchy website that has a large gap in residence listings. Bill ignores the gap and insists the facts must meet his assumption, therefore only HIS assumptions are correct and no other facts actually matter.

        It seems he’s lived his whole life that way which explains why he is a failure at everything he touches.

        World’s Stupidest Man™

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  3. Bravo sir.

    This has been a schmeldtdown for the ages. All joshing aside, it really seems like he is coming apart at the seams. The crazy reversals are coming faster and faster.

    I think he has forgotten how many times he has made the “Just you wait until the MEDIA gets a hold of this story!” which has never worked and never will work.

    Bill is in a bad position. Even if something genuinely bad were to unfairly happen to him it’s unlikely that anyone would care. He has made himself an utterly unsympathetic character. The only people who give him support are those even lower than himself–convicted bombers, for example.

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    • And he even lies about that. In the series of tweets about it above, Bill said: “And I am not the one who published the original. @wjjhoge and Doggy Style got a copy. One of them gave a copy to Grady. The rest is history.” This is a lie. He never sent me a copy. He sent it to a shared inbox of my wife’s business, despite his claim that family and employers are off limits. Both of the times I have submitted that email as evidence to the courts, it was as direct printouts from that inbox – not something forwarded to me. Given the number of people who had/have access to that inbox, and the number of people Bill sent that photo to, I count over a dozen people with direct access to the photo, and I am not one of them.

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