Twitter Court: Boggling the process.


So it seems that Schmalfeldt has this belief that his case is so structurally sound, so untouchable that….

OK, stop laughing and let me finish…

He seems to think it’s so solid a case that a lawyer would refuse it and yet…


Let me get this straight:  You think a pro bono lawyer representing John Hoge would not take up the case due to it’s sheer brilliance and sound legal foundation, but you still want to ask the court for leave to amend it?


8 thoughts on “Twitter Court: Boggling the process.

  1. Oliver Wendell Jones wants to amend (even though I don’t know how he can when none of the parties have been served) to stuff even more ridiculous horseshit into it, most probably his newest conspiracy theory about Ash.

    You know what the most awesome thing ever would be? If a DUMBFUCK was competent enough to get even one of his lulzsuits – they are many, for they are legion – to trial. Nothing would be as humiliating for him as that. And Schmaleldt’s humiliation is pretty much the only joy I have left.

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    • True. It would be the cherry on top of a few years of work where he was humiliated every step of the way only to see a jury say, “We find for the Defendants.”

      Alas, the disposal of his case will happen in a few months after he manages to screw up the docket so badly that the Judge will look for anything to get rid of it. Still, though, just that part should provide a good stream of lulz.

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      • I don’t think it’ll take anywhere near that long. For all his crowing about “learning from past mistakes”, the Diminished Capacity Kid’s latest lulzsuit is weaker than the first seven. A toddler could have it put to sleep on the first try.

        If it survives to the end of August, I’ll be surprised.

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  2. The fact that an attorney would take the case for Mr. Hoge and he can not pay enough money for one to take it for him should tell him something,

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