Uh.. yeaaah…

4a2e68e0813de0788848dab6c3443c12So Bill Schmalfeldt is on twitter claiming that the defendants in his latest lawsuit have prevented him from living his remaining days in happiness.



Bill tweets this:


His new affirmative position is “targeting South Carolina landlords” and it’s based on the principle that if someone were to do a Google search on him, all that comes up are the lies told by the defendants in his latest lawsuit.

The “flaw” here is that any information on the internet that exists has been there WELL before he moved to South Carolina.  Going to be hard to use the argument that all the hate on the internet is directly targeting South Carolina.  In fact, he lost that argument in Wisconsin and will lose it here.

Let’s talk about the harm from this tweet.


The image in the upper left is of a blog post from a realty company in Texas.   What does that have to do with South Carolina?

The image in the upper right is just a post someone made about using Google to do background checks for potential renters.  So what?

The lower left image is a statement from this website and has nothing to do with South Carolina.

The lower right image comes from this website about how to screen for tenants.  Again, nothing to do with South Carolina.

None of these come from the place he applied to rent.  In fact, he doesn’t even share the name of the place that rejected him.   He doesn’t share his actual rejection notice and is just throwing up a bunch of articles about landlord practices, none of which has any connection with his own situation.

In short, this is probably another one of his ruses because he got rejected for other reasons OR he is trying to establish a wall that his case satisfies jurisdiction.

He always does this when he lacks real evidence and usually gets caught.  His real purpose may be in trying to convince defendants their case is now harder, probably because he started thinking about how weak his case is.

In reality,  he’s now made his case much harder and given defendants a lot more help in their motions.

But, as usual, he’s counting his dollars before the case even starts.





28 thoughts on “Uh.. yeaaah…

  1. As I said at Hogewash, I hope it’s true because it’s funny. I also hope Schmaleldt tries to use this to establish jurisdiction because that’ll be even funnier, for a number of reasons that I won’t get into here.

    But I will say this – if he succeeds, he’ll have established the predicate for everyone he’s ever written about to file suit against him from their home jurisdictions. And oh, what lawsuits those would be! These things cut both ways.

    On the other hand, I seem to remember being told that Drunkenstein’s Internet footprint was just peachy because all he had to do was tell people to “consider the source.”

    Turns out, maybe not.

    If I were a real prick, I’d re-start my old blog and put up daily posts titled “Memo to South Carolina Landlord, re William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.” Each post would consist of nothing other than things that he himself has put online. I figure that the xmfan archive alone would provide weeks of material.

    Then there are things like this …

    That could really making renting difficult.

    But I’m lazy and WordPress annoys me.

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    • Assuming what he says is actually true, that a place he wanted to rent rejected him because a background check on the internet shows he would be an adversarial tenant. He still needs to show that the landlords used the sites of the defendants as the reason for his denial.

      If you search just the images for William Schmalfeldt, you’ll see a large number of tweets and posts he wrote in his own words. While it may be true that some of the images come from defendant’s sites, many more come from other places. He’s made enemies everywhere. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the issue of proving falsity.

      But yes, the hilarity to come will test the strength of everyone’s lulz muscles. Limber up.

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      • His tales of how the Ninjanuns were going to protect and defend him would be enough for any landlord to round file his application. But one of the top hits in a Google search for “William Schmalfeldt” is Ken White’s epic defense of DUMBFUCK’s repugnant speech and concurrent demolition of (what must sadly be referred to as) his character over at Popehat.

        Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.

        DUMBFUCK, when you figure out that you’ll never rent from a landlord that finds Popehat, you can take that up with Ken and the Court. You can find the former here: http://www.brownwhitelaw.com

        https://giphy.com/embed/rXliavIYbs60ovia GIPHY

        I would like to congratulate you in advance for allowing Ken’s piece on you to be entered into evidence.

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      • As someone who was a landlord for a short time…we did several things we and a credit check, asked for rental history and references and yes we checked google and since I used to do some minor PI work I did a background check as well.

        The Creeper prolly can’t get pass the credit check….

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    • “NOBODY expects Bill Schmalfeldt, Twitter attorney-at-Law! My chief weapon is stalking…stalking and harassing and fear…fear and stalking…. My two weapons are fear and stalking…and harassing…. My *three* weapons are fear, stalking, and harassing…and an almost fanatical devotion to The Dread Pirate Kimberline…. My *four*…no… *Amongst* my weapons…. Amongst my weaponry…are such elements as fear, surprise, stalking, harassing…. I’ll come in again.” [Drat!! I should have mentioned my ruthless efficiency.” BS]

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  2. The lower left image is a statement from this website and has nothing to do with South Carolina.

    Why is he referring to a New Zealand post about bad tenants?

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  3. When Diseased Willy starts going on about how his life has been made miserable by what people say about him, I ALWAYS chuckle. I am allowed to be pleased by his misfortunes. I do not owe him any sympathy. Even if he were Mother Teresa, I would not owe him any sympathy, but I don’t believe he is Mother Teresa.

    Is Witless now advancing the theory that loss of income by landlords in South Carolina gives him some sort of vicarious standing to sue on their behalf? Sorry but I must rely on others for news about Blustering Bill because I don’t twit or Facebook.

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    • I believe old Stolen Valor is trying to make the argument that he can’t find a house not because he is a putrid human and a pauper but because his “enemies” are specifically directing comments at each individual landlord in SC so they won’t rent to him. This harms Bill and we know it’s ALWAYS about Bill. He threw in the bone about denying the landlords rent because he imagines that shows his altruistic side.

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      • TOLF

        I agree that even Diseased Willy probably does not truly believe that he can collect the rent some landlord voluntarily chose to forego (obviously the landlord cannot sue for those moneies.)

        And you may even be right that the witless one believes that things said before he moved to South Carolina were targeted communications to South Carolina. That would be incredibly stupid of him so I am not going to argue the point.

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