A conversation with a stalker who is really the victim.


Bill Schmalfeldt is in pursuit of Justice for the following crime:  His victim LIED about her place of residence on a No Contact Order for Stalking petition.  You cannot LIE on an official form like that.  You have to write the TRUTH on where you live when you file a petition for No Contact against a stalker.  Especially him.

In his mind, that is perjury.  A crime.  You have transgressed HIS RIGHT!  The legal definition for perjury is something totally different, but we’re talking about what Schmalfeldt believes even though he could.. um.. I’ll stop here.

In Dec 2015, he stalked and harassed a woman in North Carolina by publishing disparaging remarks, making calls to the woman’s husband for information (while the husband was in a contentious divorce), and posting harassing comments on her blog.

Schmalfeldt has a long history of harassment.   So much so that she, as have others before her, had to get a No Contact Order for Stalking to get him to quit communicating with her directly.

He also published photographs of her grandchild and made false allegations in regards to the child’s disposition, uttered vile misogynist and sexual commentary in his blogs and tweets, all in an effort to get her to communicate with him because he didn’t like what she was posting on her blog about him.

He has also sued her multiple times in Federal Court to get her to take her truthful opinion blog down because it contains his spoken words, deeds and history to document his behavior.   His legal filings have failed on technical grounds because he is suing pro-se.  No attorney will step forward to take his case.

So in response to this tweet:

Schmalfeldt is having a conversation.


Isn’t he precious?


17 thoughts on “A conversation with a stalker who is really the victim.

  1. Amazingly, a DUMBFUCK seems to have forgotten that he got his cripple welfare, in part, because he couldn’t make the daily commute to work every day, anymore. As I remember it, it was an hour that he says he drove.

    Of course, I’d forget that too if my malady had gotten better to the point that I was begging strangers on the internet to finance my 50 state jaunt.

    But let’s assume that Ash did lie, which sober people have no reason to believe that she did. For that to be perjury, it would have to be material, which this wouldn’t be.

    I expect this to be resolved in court soon, just not in the way Drunkenstein thinks it will be.

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    • She went before a Judge, the same Judge he could have appeared to defend himself, and had to present her case. The Judge knows the law and knows the address is irrelevant when dealing with a stalker. And he approved the order at the hearing despite the obvious perjury she was committing under Schmalfeldt Am Law precedent.

      And because the DA and Police will decline his request to file charges, that must mean they, as well as the Judge and the clerks, are all in on the conspiracy. Maybe he should call the FBI with this?

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    • Are you implying that the correct address is not material, you dumb furriner? If Diseased Willy considers it material, it is material. That is the law in South Delusion.

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  2. Hey, has DUMBSHIT (gotta pick it out if the toilet, roll it, sniff it and blog it) ever explained why that Restraining Order was UNCONTESTED? Why he never APPEALED it?

    “80 percent of success is showing up.”

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  3. Meanwhile Shakey McFakingson had and continues to have NO problem with his “Excellent” friend LYING to get a bogus RO against certain people claiming they were child stalkers. Which the judge rightfully dismisses as there was NO EVIDENCE to back up their lies.

    Shakey can’t claim the same for himself, with his tweets, blogs, emails, and phone calls, HE HIMSELF provided the proof that justified the issuance of the RO against himself.

    and he continues to do so.
    Lying Dumbfucks gotta lie and dumbfuck dont they?

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    • He only refers to Brett as an acquaintance. He says he doesn’t become involved in any of his suits because they are none of his business. Until Brett comes to him and tells him to write a story to post on BU and provides all the information for the story. Bill, being the inquisitive, hard nosed and skeptical investigative reporter he is, responds with, “YES SIR!!” and hammers out a story without fact checking or asking for expert commentary.

      And he wonders why we don’t take him seriously.

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