Speaking of Rubicon..

I went to San Diego,  California for vacation a year and half ago where I stayed in a cabin on the beach.  One of the places we went to eat was the Rubicon Deli in Mission Beach while out doing some sightseeing and shopping.  These Rule 5 wives need lots of cute skirts and footwear.

At any rate, if you’re ever in the San Diego area, I would highly recommend a visit.  The food is tasty.  The food is local fresh with free range meats.

This is a Rubicon you’ll want to cross and feel good when you’re done.


11 thoughts on “Speaking of Rubicon..

    • It was nice going there late in the fall. Beautiful weather and beaches. Went up to Oceanside one night and they had a nice festival downtown with lots of arts and crafts, good food and music. I did a bit of karaoke with another young woman who liked to sing 80’s music. The wife and I would walk the pier and had a couple of pelicans walk with us. I think they were seeing if we had some food or something.

      It was five days of wonderful bliss after a really long month of work. Too bad the liberals run that place.

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      • Hubby and I spent 10+ days in the San Diego area just this past October. We had a wedding to attend in La Jolla and decided, “Heck! If we’re already going to be out that way anyhoo… why not tack on a week’s vacation?!”

        We had a blast! What a beautiful area!

        BTW, MJ… Oceanside was my MOST favorite place to stop, eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves while running up-and-down Hwy 1. Hubby loved Carlsbad, too!

        I would NEVER volunteer to LIVE in that God-forsaken, liberal cesspool called California… but, vacationing there is really quite fantastic! 👊🏼

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    • Know what you mean, I don’t think turned on the windshield wipers a single time while living there. My office looked out over the marina and harbor.

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  1. Howard

    You need help. Thinking about Willie’s sex life is sure to do you or anyone psychological damage; possibly it could turn you into a trans-Lesbian, which might have adverse consequences on your relationship with your wife. And then there is the financial damage that Willie will wreak in whatever decade he finds you.

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    • LOL!

      Trust me when I say, Jeff… I have personally met both Howard and his junkie skank (read: one of the most beautiful and awesome of all women I am grateful to call a friend to this day!).

      There is NOT ONE DAMN THING the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt could EVER do to affect their wonderful marriage and/or their (very more than comfortable!) financial situation.

      Sucks to be the Blob.

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      • As I am sure you know, my tongue was firmly in my cheek in that comment. I refuse to take Woeful Willie seriously. How can anyone take seriously anyone with less legal acumen than a three year old, less style than linoleum, less wit than a jay bird, and less honesty than the New York Times?

        Footnote. Willie gets offended when people observe that a three year old got a restraining order (or whatever it is called in North Carolina) against him. He seems to believe that it was not a fair test of his legal abilities because he failed to defend himself. That rebuttal proves the point: failing to appear in the correct court on the correct day at the correct time evidences a perhaps total lack of legal acumen. I may have this a little bit wrong, but I recollect that he has lost two cases in North Carolina, two in Illinois, and at least one each in Arizona, Maryland, and Massachusetts because the concept that defaulting is not a winning legal strategy seems to elude him. I do not think it takes even a bright three year old to prevail under those circumstances (I am not impugning the competence of the actual three year old who ran legal rings around Willie in North Carolina: I am merely saying that a two year old might have done as well.)

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