15 thoughts on “I’m going to leave this right here..

  1. WAIT. Did I just hear Woeful Willie concede that he was fat? Does Willie not know that truth is a defense to defamation? So if he sues you for saying he is fat, does that mean he is suing in bad faith?

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  2. Well, it is a Tweet from Jan 2016. The comment about me being “one of the more reasonable players…” and that The Craft Blog was turning into a hate site… Bill Schmalfeldt continuously assumes that if we have not been specifically hurt by him lately…then we should stand aside. Really, what business is it of Dave, if Sarah, MJ and Hoge are smeared online? Shouldn’t I shut up since it has been years since I saw my front porch on his Twitter, and my employer’s Twitter feed? Or my face photoshopped on a dog’s ass?

    Smear MJ, Sara, Aaron, Hoge! or any of the other 7 billion people on the planet, and you will get blowback, Bill.
    And not the kind you like.

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    • Bingo. I don’t care who he smears, outside of politicians (they kinda signed up for that type of abuse). I will ruthlessly and vociferously bring his nastiness back right around in his face. If he doesn’t like it? Too bad. He gets dished back what he serves.

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      • I think the thing that pisses Fatass off the most is that we are BETTER at dishing it out than he is.

        Stop fucking with people and they will stop bringing it to you, Fatass racist shitbag.

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      • The reason he is so pissed off all the time is that we prove we’re better at EVERYTHING (well, except failing) than he is. It must really suck to be shown that you are a failure at anything you try.

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      • True.

        People here from all over the country (and other countries!), different backgrounds, beliefs…. have come together to state in one voice that we will not be silent regarding Team Pedo and there attempts at LAWFARE and legal shutuppery.

        And even though some of us may be less or more better off… less or more successful… less or more healthy…

        We are better than a fatass racist assbandit living in squalor with no friends, no future and no talent in Bumfuck SC.

        Hands down.

        Thanks for the clarification, Agiledog. 🙂

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