Colin Powell’s Email to Hillary: Dem’s still don’t get it.

colin_powellHouse Democrats released an email from Colin Powell to Hillary Clinton in response to a question she asked.  

A couple things stand out.  They didn’t publish  the original message Hillary asked nor do we see if she asked any follow ups.  This is important because we have no context in what Hillary was asking of the former Secretary.  It looks more like she was asking about the Blackberry, something that we know she used.

Secondly, there is no mention of a private email server. Secretary Powell wanted a means to communicate with individuals outside the system, but in no way did he ever suggest that such communications would be classified.  While many people think Powell used a private server, he used a private email system (AOL) to communicate privately.

Vox, on the other hand, was quick to paint this as “business as usual”:

But the distinction is increasingly looking like a matter of degree rather than kind. The torrent of criticism against Clinton is obviously connected to the extraordinary FBI investigation into her private server, but it also now looks wildly disproportionate given how close it mirrors that of her predecessor. And Powell doesn’t just admit to using a private communications system to chat informally with his top aides: He even admits to doing so to talk directly with foreign leaders to avoid open records.

Except he doesn’t admit to anything other than the ability to communicate privately.  While this may seem like a distinction of semantics, it really isn’t.  Secretary Powell knew the rules.  He understood his private communications could only go so far.  In no way was this an endorsement to violate law and handle classified information outside established rules.  And in the end, he turned over his private emails to the State Department.  Vox, once again, tries to provide cover and fails the logic test.

This is where the desperation of the Democrat’s and progressive media really shines.  By all legal definitions, Clinton should be under indictment.  What Powell offers for assistance doesn’t even come close to what Hillary did.  The press misjudged the public’s interest in the story and now Democrats are employing any means to get Clinton off the hook in the public eye.

Only one thing they seem to forget – Powell is not a darling of the Republican Party.  While he may have served under Republican administrations, his heart is definitely in the camp of the Democrats, having wholly endorsed Obama and the Democrat platforms, and Hillary herself.  And like most soldiers, is learning very quickly that he is expendable.  In other words, he’s your guy – why are you sacrificing him? Oh yeah, he’s not useful to you anymore in the good way.

Sometimes, even the best General’s make mistakes.

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