James O’Keefe Strikes Again: Cornell’s Response is “What the..?”

cornell_isisJames O’Keefe strikes again, this time asking  Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell University, Joseph Scaffido, about the possibility of student organizing a new group sympathetic to ISIS and other radical islamic groups.

As stated in this NY Post article, the guy is either completely ignorant of the world, or he is politically correct to such an extreme and takes care not to offend anyone.

Cornell’s University President responded to the allegations, and made this startling claim:

After speaking with Assistant Dean Scaffido, I am convinced that he was not aware of what he was being asked.

Let’s say, for the moment, that Scaffido had no idea what he was being asked.  Why is he providing information to students about setting up groups without first understanding the student’s motivations?  And how come he is clueless about international affairs?  The university President seems to understand what ISIS is about, but why not this guy?

It is clear from the video the questions are pretty straight forward, but the tactic being used by O’Keefe is to frame the extremists as “freedom fighters”, something any liberal would pick up on immediately and throw support behind (with the exception of US military personnel.)  Incredibly, Scaffido seems to not ask questions about motives of the student, nor any background.  Even using the terms ISIS and Syria does not garner any kind of reaction.

So this begs the “What the..?” moment at hand:  Here is a guy providing information to a foreign student about setting up a club and he does no shakedown, validation, or questioning of the motivations of this particular person, nor about what the group actually stands for (unlike Christian groups that get persecuted routinely at Universities.)

ISIS, for those living under a rock, are a self-described Islamic religious organization that wants to establish an Islamic Caliphate that adheres to Sharia law.  This Caliphate is not just a country, but is meant for the entire world.  If you thought that Christians were homophobic, anti-choice, bigoted racists that are threatening to ruin the lives of liberals in the name of God, you should see what the leaders of ISIS believe. And incredibly, liberals today are all about not offending the Islamic extremists.

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