Beware Lefties: Ted Cruz signs up for Obamacare

ted_cruzThe lefties have been running around squealing “hypocrite!”, “OMG SERIOUSLY?!?!?”, posting, tweeting, facebooking, and laughing it up all day.  It was announced that new Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is going to sign up for Obamacare.  For reasons some on the left may not realize, this is actually required under the law.  However, I am making the case that this is the beginning of their worst nightmare.

You see, Cruz had been under the care of his wife’s insurance plan while she was working for Goldman Sachs, so he wasn’t required to get insurance since he fell under her plan. While I’m sure that Goldman Sachs has a very good benefits plan, it probably had new provisions to make it ACA compliant.

Now that she is taking unpaid leave while her husband campaigns, the family is without insurance. So Cruz has done what every law-abiding, American citizen wants for his family:  Sign up of a wasteful government program that was passed under false pretenses, lies, misleading statements, and broken promises.

So for all you liberals out there, take note: you should be afraid.  Very. Afraid. Here is a guy that will be in the mainstream and social media spotlight for at least a year, using the same health insurance system that you have been telling us, nay, you have been screaming at the top of your lungs at us (bless your hearts), of its greatness and how it has helped so many people become covered!  You have even been parroting how the ACA (a product people have to buy) has caused uninsured numbers to drop! (It’s successful because you vill buy zat inzurance!!) Go OBAMA!!!

Guess what he is going to talk about?  He will have the press all in front of him, and they will do the one thing that will come back to bite them:  They will ask: “Mr. Cruz how do you like your insurance plan?”

What Liberals need to hope for is that nothing bad happens to Cruz’s family during the entire time he is running to where he might need to use it.  You know, a doctor’s appointment here, or a prescription refill there, probably won’t be a big deal. Imagine, though, if he picks a plan where, lets say the family doctor isn’t on it.  One day, he or a family member catches the flu, perhaps gets pneumonia, and ends up in the hospital for a few days.

You see, that is where the fatal flaw of Obamacare is for people like Cruz.  He’s will get stuck with thousands of dollars of medical bills almost immediately.  Oh sure, he’ll probably be able to pay them off, no problem, if he gets a silver plan.  However, when he looks at those bills and realize how big those deductibles really are — how much out-of-pocket he is stuck with for a premium that really wasn’t as cheap as it would have been had the system just had a few simple tweaks and not a total Gruber remodel — and even some costs might not be paid by insurance and he’s still required to pay, you liberals better start sweating and getting nervous.

As so many other liberals are starting to reach self-awareness about the “Affordable Care Act”, the reviews haven’t been very favorable.  It is a sham!  “How come I am covered and yet still stuck with all these medical bills and spend so much time on the phone fighting with the insurance company and the care providers?”

You know what is the worst part?  He’ll now be able to effectively relate emotionally, intellectually, and with excoriating detail to the American people, just what kind of deal they got because he will now be one of them.  Think about that:  “Extremist Tea Party Shill” Ted Cruz is now, one of the people.

And so he’ll be able to tell a story in front of large crowds of people in middle America, or perhaps a big city on the East or Left coast.  He’ll bring the papers with him, and, without having to use a teleprompter, he’ll share his story directly to the same constituents who don’t have a voice, but are stuck in the same boat, experiencing the same problems.

He’ll relate to a cancer patient who had to spend days working administration issues trying to get back on a chemo plan because she lost her coverage, or worse yet, had to find a new doctor and start all over.  He’ll relate to the family that had to find new coverage for their kid with cancer because their old plan had to change, became more expensive, and their doctors no longer accept it.

At the same time there will be the media, right there, to cover it.  When the liberal media decides to say, “Oh, he just spoke to some people blah, blah, blah…” they will be hard pressed to deal with the social media responses that will, undoubtedly, flood the new media readers.

There will be tweets,  retweets , Facebook postings, and, many, many comments.  Bloggers will write stories. Oh, the leftist bloggers and fundamental liberal sites like Salon, Vox, and the Daily Kos will still stick to the “discount everything he says because he is extreme” narrative, but they will be up against an avalanche.  Perhaps a NY Times or Washington Post writer will realize there is a lot more going on, especially when they look into the crowd to see what effect he’s having.

He’ll relate to those business owners who had to let employees go get their own insurance and how they struggled to give more hours to their people because the plans weren’t cheap and those people needed hours or had to take a second job.  He’ll relate to small entrepreneurs who had employees that came in late for a few days while they worked through administrative nightmares of insurance carriers who screwed up paperwork.

He’ll relate to the independent contractors who, at one time, were able to get affordable plans, only to see them cancelled and are now stuck with higher costs and premiums.  And he’ll especially get empathy from the eyes of those who had to take on part time work to absorb the hit for government intrusion of chasing the American dream.

He’ll relate to those single mom’s working two jobs, who end up paying $100 a visit for urgent care when the kid is sick and wondering why they are paying an additional $150 a month for a premium that could have been subsidized more because she has two jobs to make ends meet and makes too much (and I know plenty of friends that are in this situation.)  When he talks about the family budget and how they had to shop for fewer groceries or cheaper meals, it will strike a chord.  If it can happen to him and his family, he is now like me.

He’ll relate to that middle class family that had a family member in an accident and got stuck with $8,000 in hospital bills that require cashing in an IRA, college fund, or perhaps depleted some or all of their small retirement.  Perhaps those same families who may have a spouse also working to help pay the bills, maybe even two jobs.  And in some cases, a young family with nothing having to move into a friends or parents house while they work extra jobs to pay off medical bills that were supposedly covered.

And when he runs into that occasional voter who says, “Cheaper for me to pay a tax penalty than to get insurance because what I had before was cheaper”, he won’t have to work hard to relate to him.  Most likely, Cruz would say, “I feel your pain, my friend.  Vote for me to fix this.”  You can expect a quick nod, a smile, and a firm handshake to seal that deal.

Now imagine that Cruz is sitting there with his social media people, his public affairs spokespeople, and communications director and they are listening to him talking to his wife about the problem with the “insurance company” again.  You can pretty much bet the gears will be turning in their heads and wondering, “How do we maximize this? Our candidate is suffering and we need people to see that this law affects EVERYONE.”

Do I think that his family suffering from thousands of dollars of medical bills and many hours working health insurance issues are a good thing?  No!  I am a compassionate man and think that anyone who goes through issues like this require our empathy and our prayers.  However, this is politics.  Obamacare was passed with the grace of a runaway bulldozer, led by a bunch of snake oil salesmen telling us how great it is for everyone, even when they claim they didn’t know who Gruber was.

The ironic twist to this entire saga would only be realized when they see Ted Cruz blow up their prized achievement by, you guessed it:  Signing up for their signature legislation, using it, and running a campaign on it that just might kick the liberals, and their legislative nightmare, to the curb.

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