View from the Mountains: 15 Mar 2015

NewsIconThis is impromptu, but a few things stood out this weekend..

UCI College student responds to flag ban controversy, and its epic

This guy gets it.  He identifies easily why students think the way they do.  The culture among the administration is not about diversity or tolerance, it’s about pushing the leftist agenda under the guise of equality, inclusion, etc.  What country is more inclusive than this country?  Reminds me of this meme I saw on Facebook:


Speaking of the 47 Senators and their “treacherous and treasonous ways…”

The Weekly Standard lists a few more Senators doing “diplomacy”, and not necessarily in the “good” way.

But you can’t do it if I did..

H/T to The Last Refuge.  Liberal heads will explode when he denies that petition.  “CLEANUP IN AISLE 5!!!”

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