American Sniper: We get it; Leftists hate war.

I have yet to see the movie American Sniper.  I am planning on it soon, but I don’t like going to crowded movie theatres.  Some of my friends have already gone to see it, and they have made it clear I need to see it.

Apparently, though, the movie rubs some people the wrong way.  This is not unexpected, except, the people who are rubbed the wrong way either haven’t seen it, or believe it doesn’t do enough to bash Bush and Cheney. And sometimes, they attack the person at the center of the movie:

Snipers are bad people.  They don’t do anything useful other than let cowards get a chance to feel good about being in the military, or something.  When Americans cheer a guy like Chris Kyle, we’re embracing a coward.

Of course, Michael Moore backtracked:

Later he tried to rehabilitate himself

So Michael Moore hires vets for his security, and allows veterans to see free movies at a theatre in Michigan he owns.  And everything is forgiven?

Not so fast.

Liberals hate the military until they need them to do whatever bidding they want.  In terms of politics, the President has said in his State of the Union speech that America needs to remove its war footing and return to peace.  One of the biggest lessons in the history of civilization is that war is inevitable and it will always be perpetuated against the weak.

Liberal elitism says that we have advanced enough as a society that we can settle our differences with diplomacy and some guy singing a song.  It’s almost as if they believe we ignore the people in the world who are evil, they eventually will become isolated enough that they will have no choice but to join the civilized ranks of the rest of the world.. or something.

I sure am glad that ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda (and its various offshoots), Hamas, Hezbollah, and others that are using violence, subjugation, rape, child trafficking, and other tactics to establish a very different world.  Yes, they will obviously fall in line at some point because, you know, civilization.  So yeah, let’s just minimize and reduce the military and return to peace, Barack Chamberlain.

Leftists will tell you that the entire issue for them is that the film misses the point:  They hate war.  Especially if the war is started by a Republican.  Pay no mind to the fact that having the “Liberal” or “Progressive” membership card you carry will have any sway over your demise if you are captured.  Just look at what happened to David Haines.  He was in Syria on a humanitarian mission helping poor and displaced refugees.

I guess the message of “We hate war” only applies to the US.  Bill Maher’s quote of “If you don’t want to lose a war, don’t start one!” except, according to Obama, we’ve won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan already.  At least, Bin Laden is dead.

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